Real solutions to stay healthy and meet wellness goals

Feature Article- Fri., Jan. 28, 2011
Real solutions to stay healthy and meet wellness goals

Whether you are still working on that New Year’s resolution, or just trying to shape up for swimsuit season, you probably know that making healthier lifestyle choices is sometimes easier said than done.
Often, when you aim to make significant lifestyle changes, you set lofty goals without necessarily thinking about what it will take to achieve them.
But not to worry – a little conscious effort and careful planning can focus your efforts to banish bad habits and achieve your goals.
By coming up with some real solutions that you can stick to, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the wellness goals you set for yourself. Whether it’s restoring balance by unplugging for a little “me” time, spending more quality time with family, eating healthier, getting organized or losing those last 10 pounds, here are a few quick tips to keep on track.

Restore balance and simplify
• Set aside time for R&R, no matter what – Relax a little this weekend by reading a book or taking a bubble bath.
• Front load chores – Run errands in the morning and spend the rest of the day doing something restful or fun.
• Leave work at work – Be more productive at work by enjoying time away from the office.
• Switch it up – Do something new every day. Try a new recipe or a new route to work and keep life interesting.
Eating right
• Stick to one serving – Eat the foods you love. Just eat one serving and stick to it. If you find your portion size creeping up, try buying snacks already packaged into single servings, like Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips 100-calorie packs.
• D-fense – Vitamin D may ward off colds, so be sure to eat plenty of vitamin-rich foods like fish, milk, soy products and high-fiber cereals, especially in the winter.
• Go nutty – Just a small handful of nuts in the afternoon can help restore your natural energy and keep you alert and productive until dinner time. For your mid-afternoon cravings, try Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds with a satisfying chocolate taste and zero added calories.
• Potato power – When eating a potato, don’t forget the skin. It’s a great source of fiber, vitamins and even protein. And when it comes to snacks, try Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips – the only baked potato chips made from whole slices of potato, sliced with the skin still on. They taste great and offer 65 percent less fat than regular chips.
Make time to exercise
• Set a meeting with the gym – Treat exercise like any other appointment. Nobody wants to cancel on their boss.
• Walk this way – Resist the urge to hop into your car for short trips whenever it’s possible. With every step, the body gets a little more energy and exercise.
• Get cracking up – A minute-long laugh may have the same mood-boosting benefits as 10 minutes of exercise.
• Get the kids moving – Don’t have time to exercise? Take the kids for a walk and the whole family will reap the benefits.

This year, let go of unrealistic resolutions and find real solutions for meeting healthy living goals in small, easy changes for lasting results. Making the daily routine just a bit more balanced, nutritious and active will lead to real progress toward a healthier lifestyle in the long run. Try getting the family, office or friends involved. It’ll make staying on track that much easier and much more fun.
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