South Windsor hockey wins on Senior Night

By Martha Marteney - Staff Writer
South Windsor - posted Sun., Feb. 20, 2011
No. 29 Chris Jones puts pressure on the Notre Dame goalie, Eric Surgrue. Photos by Martha Marteney.
No. 29 Chris Jones puts pressure on the Notre Dame goalie, Eric Surgrue. Photos by Martha Marteney.

The South Windsor High School ice hockey team took on Notre Dame Catholic High School from Fairfield on Feb. 19. It was the first time the Bobcats and the Lancers met on the ice. “And they’re very good,” said SWHS coach Neil Rodman before the game.

Just prior to the game, the seniors were honored on the ice with flowers and photographs with their parents. Paige O’Brien was honored for being one of the team managers for four years. Number 5, Nate Waldeisen, was with his parents, Steve and Lisa. Team captain, number 7, Troy Kremidas was surrounded by his parents, Dean and Donna, as well as his sisters, Samantha and Sydney. Assistant captain, number 8, Kyle Benson was supported by his parents, Shelly and Brian. Steve and Marguerite Glassman came out in support of their son, assistant captain, number 16, Tyler Glassman. Number 18, Tommy Pease, was joined by his parents, Michael and Susan.

The teams were well-matched, both showing good control over the puck with their sticks as well as in passing. South Windsor took more shots, which may have worn Notre Dame’s goalie down. The five South Windsor seniors started the game, with Christian Marchi, a junior, in the goal.

Notre Dame got the first goal of the evening, five minutes into the second period. Despite being spread in front of the net, the puck slipped by South Windsor goalie Christian Marchi in a power point. It was the only goal Notre Dame managed the whole night. “Christian had another great game,” said Rodman, after the game.

South Windsor came back immediately with their first goal of the evening by Kyle Benson, assisted by Nate Waldeisen. Two more goals were made by South Windsor in the second period, first by Joey Bonazelli with the assist from  David Ouellette off Kyle Benson, and then by Nate Waldeisen assisted by Tommy Pease. South Windsor’s fourth goal, near the end of the third period, was a solo effort by Bonazelli. The game ended 4-1.

“The passing was so crisp,” said SWHS teacher Heath Carlson, who announces the games.

According to Rodman, his team is seeded number 1 in the CC tournament, and will probably be matched against Glastonbury High School. After the game with Notre Dame, South Windsor was ranked third in Division I with an overall record of 15-3. The regular season ends Feb. 26.

“All five seniors are key to our success,” said Rodman, “and help develop the younger guys on the team.” He noted that the team really started to come together during the season.

When asked for game highlights, Waldeisen said it was motivational when the team decided it was time for a goal, and they got one. He hopes to play in a hockey club after high school. “It’s a quick sport,” Waldeisen explained, “and you can be aggressive.

Glassman said he felt the success of the game came from good team effort. He’s been playing hockey for 13 years. “It’s fast and everything goes,” he said about his love of the game.

“It’s always good to win on senior night,” said Pease. “When it’s your senior night, it’s even better.” He has been playing hockey for 10 years, and enjoys it because it is fast-paced and physical. “You can have a lot of fun with it.”

“We’re good friends,” said Kremidas about his team mates. “We’ve been playing together since we were 5 years old. For him, the highlight of the game started with the first goal and continued as the athletes kept playing well as a team.

“After the first goal,” said Benson, “everyone was excited. It gave us a good boost.” He said he has been playing with the same group for 14 years. “It’s fun, it’s a team sport, and you feed off each other.”

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