Marguerite LeBlanc, 100, enjoys life

By Denise Coffey - Staff Writer
Killingly - posted Mon., Feb. 21, 2011
Marguerite LeBlanc turned 100 years old on Feb. 16, 2011. Photo by Denise Coffey.
Marguerite LeBlanc turned 100 years old on Feb. 16, 2011. Photo by Denise Coffey.

Marguerite LeBlanc, who turned 100 years old on Feb. 16, 2011, moved easily with a walker along the corridor of the Westcott-Wilcox Home. Her advice for living to a ripe old age is to have fun.

“Everything is good with me,” she said in an interview recently. “I like fun. I like people.”

She was born in Berlin, NH in 1911, three years before the start of World War I.  She met and married her husband Alfred in 1931, the same year that the Empire State Building opened in New York City.  They had two daughters, seven grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. Over the course of her lifetime she witnessed a grand chunk of history, including the elections of 17 United States presidents, and the landing of the first manned spacecraft on the moon.

The landing on the moon still resonates with her. “I still have the picture of it,” she said.

Her deepest and clearest memories are reserved for her family. She had 11 brothers and sisters. She remembers the summers, going to church at St. Margaret’s and her brothers going off to fight in World War II. She lost her husband in 1988.  There are things she does not remember, but this doesn’t stop her from playing cards or visiting with family members who visit often. She has never had a drink of alcohol or a cigarette. She used to go to church, but doesn’t go so often these days. “Because I’m old,” she said, “and it’s hard.”

Marguerite’s daughter, Pauline Lemieux, said her mother was always a hard worker, even when she was young. “She missed a lot of school in order to stay home and take care of her sisters and brothers,” Lemieux said. “My parents had a big house in Old Orchard Beach and she rented out rooms until she was in her 90’s. She worked hard all her life.”

Westcott-Wilcox Director Donna Copeland said, “Marguerite is always entertaining us at dinner. She talks to everybody. She finds life to be amusing.”

Her family was going to join her for a birthday celebration that evening. They were going to serve her favorites: meat pie and chocolate cake.  No doubt there would be plenty of laughter to go around.



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