Loomis boys’ deep pool of swimming talent

By Kathryn Elliott - ReminderNews
Windsor - posted Fri., Feb. 25, 2011
Steven Wang at Loomis swim practice. Photos by Kathryn Elliot.
Steven Wang at Loomis swim practice. Photos by Kathryn Elliot.

A wealth of history surrounds the Loomis Chaffee swim program. In 1969, a handful of determined swimmers and one persistent coach struggled to find a place to practice and lay the foundation for what was eventually to become one of the area’s strongest programs. Since that time, the team has grown to include multiple state champions and a growing fan base.

Led by head coach Fred Seebeck, the 2011 boys’ swim team encompasses a variety of talent. Each competitor’s individual strengths contribute to the overall success of the team as a whole. “They share a tremendous work effort and the concomitant camaraderie to carry them through the toughest workouts,” Seebeck said. “The team also pays very good attention to detail.”

As is the case in many high school sports, Loomis is not without injuries. “One captain endured a bout with mono, another suffered a strain near his ACL; both long-term injuries,” Seebeck said. “A key sprinter is currently recovering from a strained rotator cuff, as well.”

Looking to improve on last year’s 3-8 record, the team is working on tightening skills and working on form. Seebeck stressed the importance of practicing basic elements in order to enhance performance. “We can always polish our starts and turns and improve our control over small but crucial details of technique unique to each swimmer,” he said.

Competing in a significantly challenging division, Loomis has come up against chief rivals Choate, Hotchkiss and Hopkins. “All of our dual meets this year have been much closer than last year,” Seebeck said. “We also hope to better our record of 85 percent lifetime-best times achieved at last year’s championships.”

Loomis heads to the New England Tournament on March 5.



Coach’s Corner-

Loomis Chaffee Boys’ Swimming Head Coach Fred Seebeck

Number of season with this team: 29

Goals for the season: “We are striving to rebuild the core of our team and hoping to reenter the top 10 in the New England Championships this March,” Seebeck said.

Captains: Rob Carroll, Dave Fischer and Chris Gallerani                  

Complete schedule on www.loomischaffe.org - Athletics



Spotlight Players-

Chris Gallerani, Senior, Co-captain: Planning to attend Dartmouth in the fall, Gallerani anchors the LC team. “Chris’s leadership in workouts this winter has been nonpareil, even among a dedicated group,” Seebeck said.


Ramy Chin, Junior: Joining the team in his sophomore year, Chin holds a personal best time in the 100-fly of 58.30 and the 100-breast of 107.2. “He is also an emerging power on the sprint freestyle scene,” Seebeck said. 


Geneth Chin, Freshman: First-year swimmer Chin is described by Seebeck as a generalist who has shone in every event. “Look for Geneth to emerge as one of Loomis Chaffee’s most successful swimmers as he grows and gains strength in the years ahead,” Seebeck said.


She's very talented. She's

She's very talented. She's used to be my idol in terms of my favorite sports - swimming. I've been taking swimming workouts for a month because I really want to be like her. Congratulations!
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