Marianapolis Golden Knights compete in SENE tournament

By Denise Coffey - Staff Writer
Thompson - posted Fri., Feb. 25, 2011
Marianapolis' Marissa Iamartino scores on a lay-up at the Feb. 23 game. Photo by Denise Coffey.
Marianapolis' Marissa Iamartino scores on a lay-up at the Feb. 23 game. Photo by Denise Coffey.

The Marianapolis Preparatory School Golden Knights girls’ basketball team won its first SENE quarterfinal match-up against Hyde-Woodstock on Feb. 23, 65-18. Top scorers for the Knights were Alyson Stolz with 12 points, Sydney Latour with 11 points, and Maggie Dalton-Hoffman with 10 points.

Coach Charlie Baron credits the school's junior varsity program - which has a record of 79-6 in the last four years - as having been crucial to the successes his varsity team has experienced. “These girls have been a part of that success,” he said. With only two seniors graduating, Baron is sure next year’s team holds promise. “They’ve got a great future ahead of them,” the coach said. “If they have a weakness, it’s that they sometimes get a little lackadaisical on rebounding. But that’s to be expected from time to time.”

Co-captains Alyson Stolz and Mary McGinn have been with Baron for four years. “Allie is going off to the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, the old North Adams State College. She will play basketball there. She’s had a number of opportunities and she chose MCLA," Baron said. "Mary McGinn has been accepted at a number of top schools. She hasn’t made up her mind where she’s going yet. They are two great kids, two great leaders, and we’ve enjoyed some success with them.”

“What’s really interesting is that on this team, out of the 12 girls on this team, all 12 of them are on the honor roll. They are a great group of kids. They get along so well. They do a lot of things together socially and they’re all strong academically,” Baron said.

Baron and assistant coach Martin Stolz each have two daughters who play basketball. Baron’s two daughters, Stephanie (class of ’93) and Stacey (class of ’95), were both captains of their respective teams.

“I’ve been around the school for a long time,” Baron said. “My two girls played here in the '90s. It’s been a nice association.” His oldest still gives him basketball advice. “She’s very much involved in the top women’s programs. She’s been around Geno [Auriemma] and Pat Summers, so it's been a great experience to have them involved in the sport. It’s been fun,” he said.

As for his assistant, Baron said, “Marty’s been involved in the sport for a long time, and he’s been a great addition to have around, a great support." 

Stolz and McGinn were confident looking forward to the next matchup in the SENE tournament. “We’re looking for big things in the upcoming games,” Stolz said. 


Coach’s Corner-
Marianapolis Girls' Basketball Head Coach Charlie Baron
Seasons: 2
Baron was JV coach for three years prior to taking over head coaching responsibilities for the Golden Knights.


Spotlight Players: Senior leaders-

Alyson Stolz:

Number 14
Shooting Guard
"Alyson has had a great career here," Baron said. "She’s made the 1,000-point club, which is a milestone. She’ll be the fifth girl to do that in the history of Marianapolis."
Mary McGinn:

Number 25
"Mary has been with me for four years," Baron said. "She’s been accepted at a number of top schools, but she hasn’t made up her mind where she’s going yet. She’s a great kid and a great leader."

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