Applications for housing rehab. program now being accepted

By Annie Gentile - Reminder News
Windsor - posted Thu., Mar. 3, 2011
A Windsor home that benefited from the Housing Rehabilitation Program. Photo courtesy of the Windsor Office of Community Development. - Contributed Photo

The Office of Community Development in Windsor is now accepting applications through the town’s Housing Rehabilitation Program for financial aid in the form of secured loans to rehabilitate residential properties.
“The focus of the program is to preserve the town’s housing stock,” said Community Development Coordinator Jim Hallisey. “It is not intended for remodeling.”
According to the Housing Rehabilitation Program Summary, available on the town website, the program encourages investment in neighborhoods, as the loans can be used to correct housing violations, make energy conservation improvements, and improve handicapped accessibility.
Eligibility for the program is based on household income at the time the rehabilitation process begins, with a requirement that such income cannot exceed 80 percent of the area median household income. The tenant’s income determines eligibility for rental properties.
Hallisey said the program is not new and has been in effect since the 1970’s. “Over the years we’ve probably rehabbed about 600 units in town,” he said, adding that typically they receive about 20 to 25 applications a year. “There are presently about 20 applications on the waiting list. Depending on the nature of work these projects involve, we’re looking at six months to a year [to complete them],” he said. “We do, however, have the ability to address emergencies in a timely manner.”
Emergency rehabilitation projects may include defunct heating systems or situations where a child under the age of 6 has been found to have an elevated blood lead level which has resulted from their living environment. Leaking roofs also fall under the emergency category.
“We have not seen an influx of applications due to the recent wave of ice dams, but I do anticipate we will shortly,” said Hallisey.
Hallisey added that funding for programs is always an issue, particularly in the current fiscal environment. With regard to the Housing Rehabilitation Program, funding is furnished through the federal Community Development Block Grant, Small Cities Program administered by the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development.
For complete information about program requirements and limitations, visit the Community Development Department page on the town website at

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