Freshman boys: The future of Stafford basketball

By Kathryn Elliott - ReminderNews
Stafford - posted Fri., Mar. 4, 2011
The Stafford High School freshman basketball team is building strong skills. Photos by Kathryn Elliott.
The Stafford High School freshman basketball team is building strong skills. Photos by Kathryn Elliott.

Stellar basketball programs all start somewhere; at Stafford High School, the story begins with coach Anthony Paolini and eight freshman boys eager to learn.

“It is very important for these players to be ready for when they become JV and varsity players in the next three years in our basketball program,” Paolini said. “We have worked a lot on communication with each other on and off the court, and playing team basketball.”

Full of talent, the team is comprised of eager young men looking to contribute to all aspects of the game. Paolini said this year’s squad has many strengths, one of them being speed. “We are fortunate to have great guard play from Logan Frassinelli and Jake Kalette that creates quick opportunities for not only themselves but all of the other players on our team,” the coach said. “It is very hard for other teams to play with us when we are using our speed to our advantage.”

Paolini further explained his team’s desire to play to the best of their abilities. “All of the players love the game of basketball and play as hard as they can every day at practice and on game day. Our players have been playing together since they have been young and hang out with each other off the court. They are all friends, and it shows on the court because they all trust each other when we play.”

Looking ahead to next year, Paolini reinforces the importance of consistent practice, and focusing on the elemental skills associated with the game. “In the game of basketball, you can never practice too much,” the coach said. “Each aspect of the game is very important, whether it is shooting, passing, running plays, playing defense, boxing out, communicating, and above all, trusting your teammates.”



Coach’s Corner-

Stafford High School Freshman Boys’ Basketball Coach Anthony Paolini

Number of Seasons: 1

Goals for the season: “Our goal for this year is to improve the student athletes’ overall basketball skills, boxing out, making smart decisions on the court, playing ‘team’ help defense, running our plays on the offensive end,” the coach said.

Captains: Logan Frassinelli and Jake Kalette.                 

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Spotlight Players-

Logan Frassinelli, #3: “Logan is our team’s point guard, and one of our captains,” Paolini said. “He sets up our offense every play down the court, and is a vocal leader on the defensive end. He plays every minute of the game as hard as he can, and would do anything for the team if he knew it would help us out. Logan is a wonderful person off the court, and also an honor student.”


Jake Kalette, #14: “Jake is our other captain, and plays multiple positions on the court,” Paolini said. “He can drive to the hoop, hit an outside shot, and create open shots for teammates. Jake always guards the opposing team’s best player and leaves everything on the court, giving 100 percent effort. Jake is our team’s leading scorer, but never forces up a shot he shouldn’t take. He is also a wonderful person off the court, and a high honor student.”

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