THS ‘Guys and Dolls’ cast to include veterans and newbies

By Steve Smith - Staff Writer
Tolland - posted Thu., Mar. 10, 2011
'Guys and Dolls' cast members (l to r) Kayla Singleton, Cristina Macklem, Amanda Danielson, Kat Blair and Bailey Flynn (standing) react to a musical number. Photos by Steve Smith.
'Guys and Dolls' cast members (l to r) Kayla Singleton, Cristina Macklem, Amanda Danielson, Kat Blair and Bailey Flynn (standing) react to a musical number. Photos by Steve Smith.

The Tolland High School Drama Club is preparing to stage its version of the popular musical, ‘Guys and Dolls,’ and a mix of veteran and newcomer student actors is keeping rehearsals fun and interesting.

Lindsay Cabaniss, a senior who has been in several shows, plays Adelaide, one of the lead characters.

“She is this crazy girl, who is a hot-box dancer, who has been engaged to Nathan for 14 years, but they haven’t gotten married yet,” Cabaniss said. “She’s from Brooklyn, and is kind of ditsy. She’s a girly-girl, and very in love.”

Cabaniss said Adelaide is a role that is “outside of the box” for her, since the characters she’s played in the past have been witches or step-sisters. “I like the challenge,” she said. “It's quite fun.”

This is the first stage role for Alex Noonan, a sophomore who plays Nathan Detroit (a smooth-talking gambler), but he said he is well-suited for the show.

“I’ve always liked this kind of music,” he said. “I think people will like the singing aspect of it. And, it’s cool playing a gangster.”

Noonan said he has performed at coffee house acoustic shows at the school, as well as with the madrigal choir.

“They kind of recruited me for the show,” he said. “I thought I could have fun with it. It’s a good energy release.”

It’s also the first show for senior Toby Bobey, who plays high-roller Sky Masterson.

“He’s a very static character, until the very end when he falls in love,” Bobey said. “He’s laid back, and a high-stakes gambler who makes a lot of crazy bets. He learns to love others.”

Bobey said he was surprised and nervous when he got a lead role, but has since embraced the experience.

“It’s great,” he said. “At first I thought it would be more nerve-wracking, but it’s not. You’re somebody else. You get to not be the person everyone out [in the audience] knows. You’re that person from the book.”

Senior Kat Blair plays Sarah, who eventually falls for Nathan. Blair’s ninth show has been a challenge, as the character is nothing like the actor.

“She’s the polar opposite of who I am,” Blair said. “It’s strange playing her. She's really uptight, stingy, and serious, and has absolutely no sense of humor. It's kind of difficult to play somebody who's so serious all of the time. But, it's fun.”

Nick DeCrosta, also a senior stage veteran, plays Nicely Nicely Johnson, who is basically the wise-cracking sidekick of Nathan.

“He’s a really overall fun-loving guy,” DeCrosta said. “The only thing he seems to dislike is Nathan's partiality toward Adelaide. He feels like that distracts from what matters – getting everything set up for a craps game.”

DeCrosta said the more experienced actors feel a sense of taking the newer actors under their wings, and that provides a sense of continuity for the group.

“It's a feeling of passing down the torch,” he said. “We're here with a good, hard-working bunch of people, and it's going to continue on. It's not just going to die after we leave.”

Curtain raises at THS on March 18 and 19 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at the door, and cost $10 for adults, $8 for students and seniors.

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