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Feature Article- Fri., Mar. 11, 2011
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As the weather gets warmer, people think about getting outside and becoming active again. Warm weather and longer days provide the natural motivation that many folks need, but it also can be challenging getting back into the swing of things if the weather has kept you from pursuing a consistent workout regimen.

So as you plot out your plan to regain your form, think about mixing workouts into your routine that will help you remain active throughout the year, so you can avoid the same difficult transition next year. Here are a few tips to follow as you construct an exercise plan that can be continued even after the good weather passes:

• Consider a gym membership. While you might prefer to enjoy the outdoors during workouts when it’s nice, a health club can offer the same opportunities when the weather isn’t great, whether it’s the summer or winter. Many clubs have groups such as running clubs, which provide some extra motivation because the group workouts are scheduled at a specific time.

Fitness instructors at the clubs may also be able to help you formulate a plan for staying active throughout the year. Check to see if your health insurance provider offers a discount on club memberships, as many providers do with the condition that you visit the club regularly.

• Bring the gym home. While gyms provide a year-round location for exercising, finding the time and motivation to make it there can present an extra barrier. That’s why for some, buying a piece of workout equipment for the home is a better and more convenient alternative.

Today’s home workout equipment has come a long way from the flimsy home treadmills of years ago, with swim spas representing some of the most innovative tools. Using wave propulsion technologies, swim spas offer the same benefits as a pool, without taking up nearly the space, and at a fraction of the cost.

World champion swimmer Michael Phelps, who will be incorporating the use of a swim spa in his own training, provided input on the design of a signature line of swim spas for Master Spas.

“Not everybody has access to a community pool, or their local pool is only open for a few months out of the year. A swim spa provides another way for people to access water, whether it’s just for fun or for exercise, year round,” says Phelps.

• Look for workouts that can be completed in a small indoor space. For example, yoga and Pilates workouts offer extensive physical benefits, yet only require a little bit of open floor space. Learn by enrolling in classes or through videos. Other beneficial stationary circuit workouts comprised of body-weight exercises like pushups and sit-ups don’t require much space either. An added bonus of using a swim spa is you can also use it for these types of land-based workouts and water aerobics. To learn more about swim spas and the benefits they can provide, visit the website

Being able to stay active all year ultimately means finding a routine that continues to be interesting and fits into your daily life. So as you figure out how you are going to get back into shape this spring, try some new things that you can potentially continue through the winter and see what works best for you.

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