Santo Alleano running for East Hartford Mayor

By Frances Taylor - Staff Writer
East Hartford - posted Wed., Mar. 16, 2011
Retired firefighter Santo Aleano is running for mayor of East Hartford. Photo by Frances Taylor.
Retired firefighter Santo Aleano is running for mayor of East Hartford. Photo by Frances Taylor.

Santo Alleano wants to bring business back to East Hartford. “I don’t think we have been business friendly,’’ said Alleano, 69, a retired firefighter. “The town doesn’t do enough to make businesses want to come here.’

In the next few weeks, Alleano said, he will begin a walking tour of East Hartford businesses in the area of Main Street to talk to owners about how things are going for them. “A lot of them are just hanging on by the skin of their teeth. I think I know what to do to bring business back, and I want to talk to business owners about that.’’

Alleano, a Democrat, said he has thought about running for mayor for years, and now seems like the right time. “As a union negotiator I have worked with several different mayors and I always felt I could do that job,’’ he said. “Of course, being mayor was easier 30 years ago than it is now, but I feel I know what needs to be done.’’

Bringing business back would ease the tax burden of East Hartford homeowners. “It would offset the tax increases that just go up and up every year,’’ Alleano said. He favors tax abatements for several years to get businesses to come to the town. "I believe with the revenue through businesses, you can stabilize our taxes," he said.

He is particularly sympathetic to the senior citizens on fixed incomes who have trouble coping with tax increases. “I’m a senior myself, so I know what seniors need," he said. "We’re all going to be one someday.’’

Alleano is in the process of putting his campaign staff together, and a “Santo for Mayor” fundraiser is planned for April 27 at the Marco Polo restaurant. Supporters can also friend the “Santo for Mayor’ campaign on Facebook.

Maria Tatasciore is a close family friend and treasurer of Alleano’s campaign. “I think his ideas are great for the town,’’ Tatasciore said. “I know he can do for East Hartford what needs to be done.’’

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