Families have fun with ‘Brain Challenge’

By Andrew J. Concatelli - ReminderNews Assistant Editor
Suffield - posted Fri., Mar. 25, 2011
Suffield families have fun answering questions together during the Family Game Show Brain Challenge. Photos courtesy of Kelly Wright. - Contributed Photo

Families faced off in Suffield recently, putting their minds and bodies to the test in the Family Game Show Brain Challenge.

The fun and lively contest was held in the McAlister Intermediate School Gym on March 18, and was described as a “combination of age-appropriate ‘Jeopardy,’ ‘College Bowl’ and ‘Beat the Clock’ competitions.” The game show and accompanying live auction during intermission served as a fundraiser for the Suffield Elementary PTO.

Mary Cashman, of the Suffield PTO, planned the event this year. “This is our second year, and our attendance doubled this year, so as more people hear what a great event, we hope it will double again next year,” said Suffield PTO President Kelly Wright. About 125 people attended this year, she added.

The show was hosted by a group called Hollyrock Entertainment, from Long Island, which puts on a variety of live game shows for schools and other groups across the region.

Families who registered and paid a small entrance fee formed teams to compete against each other to win raffle tickets in various contests that engaged their brains and bodies.

“The kids and families became involved in many different ways, which made it nice so everyone could participate and win a ticket as well,” Wright said. “The host would ask [the kids] to bring up something – for example, a toothbrush, a bald dad, an unused stamp, etc. If the child was able to bring something up, they would receive a ticket.”

In the “Brain Challenge” portion of the contest, played at a podium with lights and buzzers, the teams were asked trivia questions. “The parents stood behind the kids and could help the kids with the answers, but only the kids could buzz in and say the answer,” Wright said.

The question topics varied, from math to geography. In one special round, the moms faced off against the dads – and the dads won, Wright said. “At the end, it was kids versus parents, where there were a lot of ‘SpongeBob’ questions, and the kids were declared smarter than the parents in their final win!”

At the end of a round, the team with the lowest score needed to perform a physical challenge. “For example, a mom would have to throw a ball to dad to catch, but the dad would be blindfolded, so the kids would have to help by telling dad when to catch,” Wright said. This “Brain Challenge” was played several times, giving a chance to every family that wanted to participate. “There also were group challenges such as a dance-off and a game of Simon Says,” Wright added.

There was not just one winner at the end of the night, as raffle tickets were given out during each challenge. After the games, several items – including gifts certificates donated by local businesses – were raffled off.

“The families really enjoyed this event,” Wright said. “There was constant laughter all night from young and old. The kids would be so proud when they knew more answers than the parents. It was a great night of entertainment with the family, for a small amount.”

“We also had a live auction at intermission where items such as lunch with the principal were bid on,” Wright added. “We plan to make this an annual PTO fundraiser to be held in March, so everyone should be watching for a chance to participate next year.”

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