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Feature Article- Thu., Apr. 7, 2011
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Department of Labor Commissioner Glenn Marshall noted recently that 1,000 residents currently using employment services offered at the state’s CTWorks Career Centers will have the opportunity to take online courses at no charge, thanks to a partnership between the Connecticut Department of Labor and the Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board.

“Getting our residents back to work is a priority for this state, and by providing education and skills-based learning, our goal is to help job-seekers increase their marketability to potential employers,” Marshall said.

According to the commissioner, Connecticut’s Labor Department and the Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board have collaborated on a plan to offer 1,000 “study licenses” that will be valid for 90 days. The license allows job-seekers to go online to a learning portal that offers more than 5,000 courses of study, free of charge.

The courses, available through Metrix Learning, are provided by Skillsoft and Medcom Trainex, and include studies in Microsoft Office, Adobe, Photoshop, business skills, information technology, and healthcare education.

The Metrix Learning system has been identified as a “best practice” learning tool by the United States Department of Labor. The public workforce eTraining platform is also available in Spanish and Chinese. Offered by US Wired for Education located in Albany, N.Y., the learning system also offers assessments, job listings, and certification and skill track programs.

Each license is designed to be used on a self-directed basis, which allows participants to study and advance at their own individual pace. The licenses, which will be made available to residents throughout the state, can lead to certifications and in some cases are eligible for college credits.

The Labor Department plans to contact job-seekers that are currently making use of CTWorks services and have demonstrated difficulty in finding employment. Participants will need a valid e-mail address and access to a computer to take part in the learning courses. Those individuals without a home computer can use those located at their local CTWorks  CareerCenter or public library.

“These are the types of opportunities we can provide to our residents when there is a commitment to join forces and work as a team to improve our workforce services,” Marshall said.  “This is an innovative solution that offers a helping hand to those residents who are struggling to find work in a troubled economy.”

Those with questions about the free online courses or the Metrix Learning system can e-mail Metrix@etiworks.com, while individuals needing additional assistance in their job search can visit or contact their nearest CTWorks Career Center.

Courtesy of CT Department of Labor


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