Dozens of brides-to-be gather for chance to win wedding bands

By Rachel Hill - ReminderNews
Glastonbury - posted Thu., Apr. 7, 2011
Doors opened just before 9 a.m. for the ‘Running of the Brides’ event at Baribault Jewelers. Photos by Rachel Hill.
Doors opened just before 9 a.m. for the ‘Running of the Brides’ event at Baribault Jewelers. Photos by Rachel Hill.

Brides and diamonds go together like kids in a candy store. When we hear that someone’s newly engaged, friends inevitably are drawn to the ring to admire the stone and setting, in all its shimmer and shine. 

Baribault Jewelers of Glastonbury knows the importance of finding just the right ring, and it was with this in mind that the story hosted the first “Running of the Brides” event on April 2.

Fifty local brides-to-be were qualified to win the three prizes of Tacori brand jewels, including diamond necklaces valued at $1,000 and $400, and the grand prize of a platinum and diamond wedding band that carries a $5,000 price tag.

Gathering just before the store opened, brides turned out wearing signature “Running of the Brides” t-shirts, excited and ready to win. Brides lined up at the store’s front doors waiting for them to open at 9 a.m., so they could make their way to the gift bag that may contain a ring or necklace. KISS 95.7 provided music and gave the final go-ahead for the brides to run for it.

Baribault Jewelers Marketing Director Raeann Baribault said, “This event is unique because it’s the first of its kind. Tacori is the hottest bridal line, specializing in vintage designs with a modern twist, so we’re excited about this. We tried to create a good buzz about it.”

Baribault also had some advice for couples embarking on marriage, saying, “I always encourage brides and grooms to make the rings one of the first things you purchase, because they are truly timeless. They’re one of the few things you’ll have 20 years down the road to remember your wedding day.”

Kari Horton won the coveted grand prize wedding band, but no one walked away empty-handed, because all the brides received Tacori earrings and gift bags.  

“We’re always looking to have fun in our store, so we will definitely do more events like this one in the future,” said Baribault. “When you put brides and diamonds together in one room, you’re bound to get screaming excitement.”

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