Goodwin College seeks new mascot

By Frances Taylor - Staff Writer
East Hartford - posted Fri., Apr. 8, 2011
The search for the Goodwin mascot is a contest between Trailblazers and Navigators. Courtesy photo. - Contributed Photo

Over the last few years, Goodwin College has been rapidly expanding – new buildings, more students, a wider curriculum. But they have lacked something that other colleges have – a mascot.

Now that the “Great Goodwin Mascot Search,'' is entering the homestretch, one thing is certain. The mascot will not be a Husky, an eagle, or a cougar. It will be something that reflects Goodwin's self-image.

“Since the beginning, we have not had a mascot,'' said Matthew Engelhardt, communications coordinator for the college. 'In the past we've hired consultants to come up with one, but nothing really fit.''

Goodwin College President Mark Scheinberg decided to turn the task over to students, faculty and alumni this past fall. “There were hundreds of submissions – some interesting, some silly,'' Engelhardt said. “Now its down to two.''

Online voting opened this week, and runs through April 20. The winner will be announced April 22. Voters will choose between “Trailblazers,'' and “Navigators.''

The proposed mascots each have their enthusiastic supporters.

Eric Emet, director of community relations at Goodwin, is voting for the Trailblazer mascot.

“A trailblazer is someone who goes ahead of the others, who makes a path that others follow,'' Emet said. “I think of a lot of our students in that way – many of them are first generation - the first person in their family to go to college. They are blazing that trail for others to follow in their own lives.''

Benjamin Rivers, an environmental studies major, and president of the student council, supports the Navigator mascot. “A lot of our students are navigating their own path through their education,'' Rivers said, referring to that fact that many Goodwin students are career-changers. “They are finding a way to go back to school, and the symbol of the Navigator is very important.''

Rivers also pointed out that the school sits on the banks of the Connecticut River. “You can see the boats passing by, and there is a nautical clock in the student resource center. “Its an idea that very much fits the school, I think.'' Rivers said.

One thing both side agree on – its time for a sweatshirt with a logo that Goodwin students can wear and be proud of.

“The students I talk to want a sweatshirt that they can wear to promote the school,'' Emet said.

“I've been waiting for this a while,'' Rivers said. “I'm ready to have a T-shirt and wear it proudly."


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