Learning and fun at West Stafford School’s ‘Family Math Night’

By Wally Robinson - ReminderNews
Stafford - posted Sat., Apr. 16, 2011
Tanner and Jacob get some help learning about weighing and estimation. Photos by Wally Robinson.
Tanner and Jacob get some help learning about weighing and estimation. Photos by Wally Robinson.

Math can be an intimidating subject for young students, and the faculty and staff at the West Stafford School are well aware of it. All through the school year, under the heading of Math Intervention, the staff has worked to de-mystify the subject, and out of that effort, “Family Math Night” was born.

“In our science classes, it is common to hear kids exclaim, ‘Boy, this is fun!’” said first-grade teacher Brandy Godoury. “Our goal is to hear them say, ‘Boy, math is fun!’”

“Family Math Night,” on April 11, involved games that hone the students’ mathematical skills. For example, the kids were presented with an egg-shaped piece of paper and a box of bear-shaped counters. They are asked to guess how many counters if will take to completely cover the egg, and then to go ahead and cover it. That done, they then count up the bears to see how they did. While playing this game, they learned about the math concepts of estimation and counting.

“There are dozens of these games that we’ve been sending home with the kids all year for their parents to help them work on,” said Godoury. “The idea for ‘Family Math Night’ was to bring the kids, parents and teachers together in an informal and social evening of math, pizza and... fun!”

A number of games were set up in the school gym for students and their parents. Each of them involved one or more mathematical principles.

School Principal Marcia Elliott served as the evening’s “Pizza Lady,” serving up slice after slice and pouring out juice in the cafeteria. “We weren’t sure how whole wheat pizza would go over with the kids, but I guess we shouldn’t have worried,” she laughed.


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