Windsor Fife & Drum Corps seeks youth members

By Annie Gentile - ReminderNews
Windsor - posted Fri., Apr. 15, 2011
The Windsor Fife and Drum Corps is very active, and a great place for young people to learn an instrument. Courtesy photos. - Contributed Photo

Have you ever had the desire to learn to play an instrument, but the cost of lessons kept you away? If so, and you are between the ages of 9 and 14 years of age, the Windsor Fife and Drum Corps may be the place for you.

Kathy Bousquet, a beginner fife instructor with the Corps, said most young people join the Windsor Fife and Drum Corps because they want to learn an instrument, and they stay on because they enjoy the social interaction.

“[Learning to play the fife or drum with the Corps] costs far less than it does to play an instrument through the schools – just a dollar a week,” said Bousquet. “Kids can learn to play the fife, which is a wooden type of flute, the snare drum or the base drum,” she said, adding that the Corps provides the drums as well as the beginner fifes. As youth progress in their skills, they are provided with increasingly better quality drums, she said.

Bousquet said the Windsor Fife and Drum Corps performs music from the Revolutionary War era and also a few from Civil War times. The instruments their members play are replicas of period drums made by specialty companies. From “Yankee Doodle” to “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” the goal of the Windsor Fife and Drum Corps is to preserve 18th century music and history and to play a part in keeping the traditions of Colonial America alive for today’s young people. Wearing the Revolutionary-era tricorn hats, blue vests, and white pants and shirts reminiscent of colonial musicians, their performances carry observers through both their eyes and ears, back to the birth of our nation.

Bousquet said the parades, musters, and competitions the Corps participates in are predominantly in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York state, and there is always a place for beginners in performances, even if they are not yet ready to play music.

“They all march while they learn, and many beginners will carry streamers or banners. We always find a way to get them on the road,” she said.

Bousquet said she first joined a fife and drum corps when she was 11, and the positive early experience grew into a life-long passion. “People don’t always know that it’s a really fun activity,” she said. “[We] do so many social activities, like roller skating and camping together. Kids of all ages join and mix together, and they end up making lifelong friends.”

Open to both Windsor and non-Windsor residents, the Windsor Fife and Drum Corps meets every Thursday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the L.P. Wilson Community Center, Room 22 (by the tennis courts. Drop-ins are welcome.

Additional information can be found on their web site at The Corps can also be found on Facebook. 


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