Andover Lake’s litter walk is another sure sign of spring

By Annie Gentile - ReminderNews
Andover - posted Wed., May. 4, 2011
On the far left is Dianne Grenier, organizer of the Andover Lake Annual Litter Walk. Grenier is known as the ‘east side’ captain, while Anna Galvin, third from the left, is the ‘west side captain.’ Courtesy photo. - Contributed Photo

Spring has sprung. The last vestiges of snow have melted off, giving way to crocuses, daffodils, tulips and forsythia.

Around Andover Lake, there is one other sure sign of spring – the Andover Lake Spring Litter Walk, which was held this year on a sunny and pleasant Saturday, April 30.

“It was a great day for a walk and chat with neighbors,” said Dianne Grenier who organizes the annual event. “We were delighted that this was the smallest amount of litter since we started the program. There just wasn’t as much [around the lake] to pick up,” she said, adding that the neighborhood now looks great with flowers blooming and the streets litter-free. “It’s a good look to start the season off with,” she said.

The clean-up event is a volunteer effort, and friends and neighbors who live in the vicinity of the private lake or who enjoy its benefits come out to help spruce things up, picking up cans, bottles and assorted trash.

“Andover Lake is a private lake that totally supports itself,” said Naida Arcenas, president of the Andover Lake Property Owners Association. “It’s an old-fashioned kind of lake, rather small and shallow, and so no motors, not even electric motors are allowed. Our membership is about 368, and I’d say about 25 percent are people from out of town, some as far away as New York, who love the lake and have a connection to it.”

While the annual clean-up is organized by residents around the lake and not a sanctioned project of ALPOA, Arcenas said the group supports and encourages its members to participate.

“The clean-up has been going on for about eight years now,” said Arcenas, adding that with 20 to 25 volunteers on average, the job generally gets done in about an hour and a half. She said volunteers break up into two crews that scour each side of the lake, with a get-together at the end on the beach. 

“At the same time [as the litter walk], people are encouraged to clean up their yards and the town is asked to remove the sand from the roads,” said Arcenas.

Grenier said she’s been designated the “east side” chair of the event, while Anna Galvin, who has been with her from the start, captains the “west side.”

“Every year we have a different supporting cast,” said Grenier. “Like all volunteer events, we compete with youth activities, be it baseball, Scouts, or whatever. We’re always delighted with the crew we get. It’s a beautiful thing,” she said.

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