Fermi girls’ tennis looks to improve on last year’s record

By Jennifer Holloway - Staff Writer
Enfield - posted Wed., May. 4, 2011
Fermi tennis player Faye Koeingzmark goes for the ball during her match warm-up. Photos by Jennifer Holloway.
Fermi tennis player Faye Koeingzmark goes for the ball during her match warm-up. Photos by Jennifer Holloway.

Enrico Fermi High School girls’ tennis coach Matt Bourgoin is out to improve his team’s record. During his first season as coach last year, the team went 2-17, but heading into a May 2 match against RHAM, the team was 1-5.

“Last year we were out to have fun and learn,” Bourgoin said. This season, the team is working to better its record. “Our singles are stronger than last year, and from a doubles standpoint, we’ve made definite improvements,” he said.

During the 2010 season, Bourgoin did not mix and match doubles partners too much, but this year he is working to change things up after each match to find which players work best together. However, the lack of practice time due to rain is not helping.

When they do have good weather for practice, Bourgoin focuses on individual progress. “Rather than do the same drills for everyone, we look at specific things based on each player,” he said. “Some want to serve harder, work on forehand or backhand.”

“Overall, we’re very consistent at getting the ball over the net,” Bourgoin said. Though they are not known for being power hitters, the team works hard to keep the ball in play. “That frustrates other teams,” he added. He said opponents get irritated at the consistency and try to make a power play that often goes out of bounds or into the net.

Bourgoin is also pleased that several of his players have good mental focus - something he feels is difficult to teach. “They don’t give up,” he said.



Coach’s Corner-

Enrico Fermi High School Girls’ Tennis Coach Matt Bourgoin.

Seasons with the team: 2

The season ahead: Bourgoin said the one downfall for the season has been the lack of practice time, due to frequent rain. “We need practice time,” he said, but added that all area teams are in the same situation.

Seniors: Faye Koeingzmark, Mackenzie Demur, Bridget Alaimo and Deidre Smith.


Players to Watch-

Faye Koeingzmark – Senior: Koeingzmark, a team captain, enjoys playing tennis because of the strategy involved. A distance runner, she also takes tennis lessons in the off-season to prepare. She is consistent and goes for every ball, but one area she wants to improve is her volleying at the net.


Mackenzie Demur – Senior: Referring to herself as a wall, Demur, a team captain, said she is not a hard hitter but will get to every ball. A multi-sport athlete who also plays lacrosse and volleyball for Fermi, she is working to improve her serve.


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