Manchester Community College students talk about the killing of Osama bin Laden

By Martha Marteney - Staff Writer
Manchester - posted Thu., May. 5, 2011
John Ziewacz, of Simsbury.
John Ziewacz, of Simsbury.

Manchester Community College students spoke freely about their opinions on the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden by U.S. Navy SEALs in Pakistan on May 1. 

After the first words of cheer, the students’ thoughts turned deeper with concerns for the future.

“I’m so glad.  It took a long time, though,” said John Ziewacz, of Simsbury.  “Now I’m worried about reactionaries.  I wonder how long it will take us to pull out.  Now we’ll have to wait for the fight for power.”

“You get what you deserve,” said Naim Shaikh, of Manchester.  “What you do in the past is what you get in the future.  He [Osama bin Laden] did a bad thing and deserved death.”

“I think the war’s going to get worse because we killed their leader,” said Nedia Asberry, of Bloomfield.  “They’re going to want revenge.”

“I thought it was good,” said East Hartford resident Alexis Nurse, “but then I got to thinking, what would happen now. I’m afraid we’ll have more war because we killed their leader.  It was a relief.  I didn’t know it was coming.  But then, it’s what’s going to happen next.”

Hartford resident James Ramos said, “It was bound to happen.  It was a matter of time.  It was about time.  The U.S.A. has suffered enough.  I’m glad Osama died.”

“Where do I start?” said Eddie Gonzalez, of Hartford. “I felt like it should have been taken care of in a different manner, rather than taking down someone who was critically sick.  They just shot him.  It’s inhuman.  It feels like they should have kept him as a prisoner, put him in jail, rather than just executing him.”

“I’m just happy,” said Mikesheka Baltimore, of Hartford.  “It’s about time.  What were they waiting on?”

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