SWHS boys' lacrosse has eye on state tournament

By Martha Marteney - Staff Writer
South Windsor - posted Fri., May. 20, 2011
South Windsor High School boys' lacrosse players Alex Tobin and Matt Bacci practice gaining control of a ground ball. Photos by Martha Marteney.
South Windsor High School boys' lacrosse players Alex Tobin and Matt Bacci practice gaining control of a ground ball. Photos by Martha Marteney.

As the regular season for the South Windsor High School boys’ lacrosse team nears the end, the team still has its eye on the state tournament. According to coach Jon Giordano, who has been with the team since 2005, the team took on the toughest competitors early in the season, which made it difficult to build team confidence and momentum. “Now, we’re getting a nice little streak going,” said Giordano.

With the tougher competitions up front, Giordano felt his team might lack confidence, so he had them focus on working groundballs to maintain control of the game, getting low and making excellent contact. “They continue to improve,” he said.

“I think the kids have a good spirit and work hard,” said Giordano. “It’s a different identity than in the past. The kids are here to play lacrosse.”

“The kids who returned [this year] were solid contributors last year,” said Giordano, noting that there are four or five regularly-contributing sophomores. “And the younger guys are stepping up,” he added. There are eight seniors on the team: #19 Tim Colabrese, #17 Sean Doolady, #4 Jordan Jones, #5 Troy Kremidas, #9 Greg Pendergast, #6 Alex Polak, #20 Dave Wolf and #21 Tyler Woods. When the seniors graduate, the team will lose its goalie, mid-defensive players and the leading scorer.

Co-captain Sean Doolady (No. 17) plays midfield for the team, which means a little of both offensive and defensive. “I love scoring,” said Doolady, who has been leading the team in scoring. He enjoys the game itself because it is fast-paced and physical. Talking about his teammates, Doolady said, “We have really good chemistry and friendships,” adding that being good friends translates to working better together on the field. “Our team is realizing our potential.”

Defensive player and co-captain Greg Pendergast (No. 9) loves the game of lacrosse because it is a mixture of the toughness of football and the fast-paced action of basketball. He started playing lacrosse in the fourth grade. “I try to be a leader and a constant for the team,” said Pendergast, who feels he’s met his goal of shutting down members of the other team. “Every success we’ve had is a result of our hard work,” he said, noting that all the team members have put in extra effort and focused on conditioning.

The team’s goalie, co-captain Troy Kremidas (No. 5), has to remind himself that lacrosse is a high-scoring game, as opposed to his other sport, hockey, although both sports are high-intensity and quick games. “We got better as the year went on,” said Kremidas, who credits the team’s success to their attention to improving clears and taking body. “It was tougher [early in the season] because we didn’t get the groove,” he added, explaining that the team took on many tough competitors early in the season.


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