Best of the best on display at Student Expo

By Kevin Hotary - Staff Writer
East Lyme - posted Mon., May. 23, 2011
Marisa Glynn works on her painting at the Student Expo.  Photos by Kevin Hotary.
Marisa Glynn works on her painting at the Student Expo. Photos by Kevin Hotary.

Every spring, students of the arts at East Lyme High School have the opportunity to showcase their talents at the annual Student Expo.  Featuring all forms of art, from the visual to the aural to design and entertainment planning, the expo draws a huge crowd annually, not only for the static displays of student talent, but also for the numerous live performances by student musicians, many of whom performed their own compositions.  Student artist Marisa Glynn also “performed” live – a concept started at last year’s Expo – working on one of her paintings as visitors watched.     

Organized by fine arts teacher Rachel Michaud, this year’s Expo, held on Tuesday, May 17, was the eleventh annual.

Planning for the Expo is a year-long process, said Michaud.

“We collect work from the first day of school,” she said, choosing together with a group of students the works to be shown in the limited space available.

“We try to pick the best of the best,” she said, adding that the Expo also provides the opportunity to show other students and parents the variety of things that they do in the different arts classes.

In addition to the displays and performances, “Notes and Sketches: A Portable Fine Arts Exhibit” magazine is offered for sale.  The full-color magazine is “a tribute to the art” said James Warykas, the faculty adviser for the student project, which features more than 20 pages of high-quality student photographs of some of the artwork displayed at the Expo.

One of the students featured in the magazine, Emily Rosa, was busy preparing a space to display her work, hanging pages torn from books at various heights from the ceiling, surrounding easels covered with her works.

The books were going to be destroyed in any case, said Rosa, “so I made something out of them so they wouldn’t go to waste.” 

Explaining the concept behind her display, which had the appearance of pages exploding from the books, Rosa said, “As an artist you have these thoughts and emotions that you need to put out there, that kind of explode into something.  I made that into actuality in this piece.”

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