Independent film being shot in Enfield

By Jennifer Holloway - Staff Writer
Enfield - posted Thu., Jun. 2, 2011
'No Control,' produced by Chuck Horner and Rob Lamagna, is being filmed in Enfield. Photo submitted. - Contributed Photo

An independent film that could make it to the big screen as soon as next year is being filmed in Enfield. Chuck Horner and Rob Lamagna, executive producers of Merritt Films, will begin filming their movie, “No Control,” in the coming weeks.

“It’s the most exciting thing,” Lamagna said. “From Hollywood to home and now home back to Hollywood.”

Lamagna, an Enfield native, is referring to his long career of working on the technical side of movies. He received a degree in audio engineering but found a job in filmmaking. That job took him all over the world, working on movie sets for major feature films. He even has a technical Oscar for “Men in Black II.”

Though retired, Lamagna could not stay away, and partnered with Horner to create and produce a psychological thriller the two describe as being “character-driven.”

Horner became interested in video at an early age. “I inherited it from my dad,” he said. Horner initially dabbled in event filming, but has since worked on several films in Connecticut, including one feature.

Though technically an independent film, “No Control” may turn out to be a major motion picture. Having worked in the post-production side of the business for 30 years, Lamagna consulted with contacts in the industry to determine what type of film concept Hollywood would want.

“People assume you’re a college project or some backyard film,” Horner said. “They’re shocked you can do this outside the confines of Hollywood.”

The producers have rented space in town, and a complete set is being constructed for their 16-person cast. The set mainly consists of a hospital day room and security control room.

“We’re going to great efforts to make this a solid theatrical production,” Horner said.

The producers used Boston Casting to find talent, and promising actors auditioned in Enfield. Horner said casting can be a tough process to find actors who not only look like the characters they envisioned, but who also gel together well.  

Though both producers enjoy psychological thrillers that keep audiences on the edge of their seats, Horner said their ultimate goal was to make a movie to sell, not one that they liked.

It was a bonus that the concept Lamagna’s contacts were looking for fit well with the style he and Horner gravitate towards in their personal movie watching.

“I love intensity in movies,” Lamagna said.

Horner said he chooses movies that have thought. “Continuous gun battles bore me,” he said. “No Control” involves both of their preferences.

“It’s really about the intensity coming from the actors, that feeling of threat and danger,” Horner said. “[The characters] are unable to control the situation that is happening around them.”

Horner and Lamagna are proud of the work they have accomplished to this point and are confident of its outcome.

“It’s being filmed here in Enfield,” Lamagna said, “and it’s going to the movies.”

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