Exhibit displays creative elective work at high school

By Gregory A. Scibelli - Staff Writer
Windsor Locks - posted Fri., Jun. 10, 2011
Brittany and her mom Debbie Dixon view her photography at Windsor Locks High School. Photos by Gregory A. Scibelli.
Brittany and her mom Debbie Dixon view her photography at Windsor Locks High School. Photos by Gregory A. Scibelli.

Windsor Locks High School celebrated the accomplishment of its specialty classes on June 9, as the elective department hosted an exhibit featuring art, technology, music and cooking.

Technology education teacher Matt Sigall said the event was held to recognize the work that is being done in the classes.

“A lot is focused on the academics and what is required to pass state exams,” said Sigall. “But the kids in these classes are doing great work in focused disciplines. We like bringing these disciplines together to recognize the kids.”

The exhibit featured many different kinds of arts. There was painting, photography, ceramics, and even some clay-mation. Media students showed videos of their work, while music students performed several numbers.

Technology education students showed off some of their constructions and displayed poster boards of the projects they worked on during the past semester.

The family and consumer sciences classes also participated in the event, doing a live cooking demonstration with cheesecake strawberries.

Cooking student Lianie Rodriguez said she enjoyed the exhibit and the opportunity to demonstrate what she can do.

“I think it’s amazing that we are doing this show, and it’s a great way to show off what is happening in school,” said Rodriguez. “Cooking is one of the many fun things we get to do in school.”

Two other students participated in a group that created a wooden guillotine as a project suggested to them by their history teacher.  While creating a project that expresses history, the two learned much about what is required to create such a craft.

“You learn a lot about designing and execution of that design,” said Michael Norman.

One parent, Debbie Dixon, attended the event with her daughter, Brittany, to see what Brittany has been learning in her photography classes. Brittany showed a photo of a flower, saying she learned about focus through the project.

“The photo shows how you focus on one thing instead of everything in the background,” said Brittany Dixon.

Her mom was impressed with everyone’s work.

“I think this event is wonderful,” said Debbie Dixon. “It’s great that the school is showing what they have to offer.”

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