MHS honors its student-athletes

By Martha Marteney - Staff Writer
Manchester - posted Thu., Jun. 9, 2011
Manchester High School had 23 of its spring sports athletes named as All-Conference champions. Photos by Martha Marteney.
Manchester High School had 23 of its spring sports athletes named as All-Conference champions. Photos by Martha Marteney.

Manchester High School honored its student-athletes on June 7 at the Spring Sports Award Night, held at the MHS auditorium. Coaches and team members from the following spring sports were represented: golf, softball, baseball, tennis, unified sports and outdoor track.

Athletic Director Lindsey Boutilier opened the ceremony, saying, “History was made this season in both the girls’ golf and the boys’ track.” It was the first time the girls’ golf program won the CCC East Division. Regarding the boys’ track team’s state championship win, Boutilier said, “It hasn’t been here since 1944.” Emily Anderson and Arianna Rivera broke school records for the 1600-meter race and the hurdles, respectively.

Twenty-two athletes were named All-Conference. Voted on by the coaches, Boutilier explained, “It means you are an elite athlete.” Girls’ track team member Arianna Rivera, a junior, was named All-State for her accomplishments in the 110-meter and 300-meter hurdles. Senior Algernon Johnson of the boys’ track team was named All-State for running the 100-meter sprint.

Girls’ golf coach Bob Healy recapped his team’s winning season with a 5-0 record in their conference and 10-6-1 overall. “Golf is a game that teaches you patience and perseverance,” said Healy, “and these girls have of a lot of that.” Seniors Jaimie Donner, Olivia Hebert and Amanda Zappulla were named All-Conference.

On the boys’ team, Brent Mikkelsen was the All-Conference player. Boys’ golf coach Ben Wry said, “We have a very young team, and we have a lot of guys coming back,”

Coach Chris Crawford introduced softball’s All-Conference player, sophomore Lauren Yaffa. Crawford said, “One of my goals was to grow the program,” which he feels was fulfilled, as seen by the number of girls trying out for the team.

“Coming off last season,” said baseball coach Marc DiDominzio, “we had high expectations.” The team made the state tournament for the second year in a row. “It was a very successful season for us,” he added. Junior tri-captain Max Dugan and senior Travis Mistretta were both named All-Conference again for 2011.

“We’re a young team,” said boys’ tennis coach Dave Maloney, “and we needed experience.” Number-one singles player Paul Maloney was named All-Conference.

Assistant coach Ryan Jones announced the All-Conference players for the girls’ tennis team, including seniors Sara Eliason and co-captain Lindsay Tracy, the first doubles team. “It was a very good season,” said Jones, “with a lot of camaraderie.”

Unified Sports coach Greg Oberlander said, “One of the biggest parts of Unified Sports is we have partners help out with our athletes.” He gave special thanks to the team manager, Franklin Maher. Later in the evening, Jason Hobson, Kristofer Kalinauakas, Max Packer, Daniel Roy, Ime Udoh and Andrew Zownir were recognized as All-Academic team members.

Girls’ track coach Shelldon Simpson said, “Overall, it was a good season.” Seventeen girls qualified to participate in the LL tournament, and seven continued to the state open. For the first time in more than 15 years, the relay team (Cynthia Tetteh, Arianna Rivera, Nicole Clemens, Ivie Efianayi and Sarah Bawwab) continued on to the New England Tournament. All-State champion Rivera also continued to New Englandfor hurdles. Four team members were named All-Conference, including Emily Anderson, Nicole Clemons, Arianna Rivera and Chelsey Watson.

Boutilier announced that boys’ track coach Thayer Redman is a finalist for a national coaching award. The team won the state championship, and Algernon Johnson became the All-State champion for the 100-meter sprint. The team had nine members named All-Conference, including Kweku Aidoo, Brian Boudreau, Chris Choiniere, Seth Devalve, Michael Dibble, Kodjo Erasmus, Algernon Johnson, Taylor Johnson and Zack Philbrick.

Boutilier noted that of the 240 athletes who participated in spring sports, 146 are on the All-Academic Team, with grade point averages of 3.1 or higher. “I think it’s important to recognize these students together,” said Boutilier, “because without academics, none of their [sports] accomplishments would have been possible.”

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