Voters approve road and school improvements

By Gregory A. Scibelli - Staff Writer
East Granby - posted Fri., Jul. 1, 2011
Hallway work is underway after town meeting voters approved improvements. Photo by Gregory  A. Scibelli.
Hallway work is underway after town meeting voters approved improvements. Photo by Gregory A. Scibelli.

Interest in the close of fiscal year 2011 and the beginning of 2012 for the town of East Granby drew out a small group of voters to special town meetings held to make some approvals from the Capital Non-Recurring Fund that would allow several small improvement projects to occur during the summer.

At a meeting held June 29 at the Senior/Community Center, 15 voters turned out to pass three articles, including the election of Kirby Huget to one of the moderator positions.

Huget is one of several town moderators that are called upon to help out during town meetings. Assistant Town Clerk Karen Oliver said Huget was elected by the voters to the position officially in the first article of the meeting.

The small group of voters also passed two other articles at the meeting, passing two capital items - one for $225,000 for road maintenance from the non-recurring fund. Both motions passed and the meeting was dissolved quickly that night.

About 35 voters turned out for the special town meeting held on June 14, where several articles passed, many for maintenance to be done at the East Granby public schools.

Two articles were passed, totaling $142,000 for road maintenance projects. Both of the projects were recommended by the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee and passed with no issues.

The public schools approved several smaller articles. The largest of those approvals was for $40,000. The money will be used for several technology upgrades, including computers and software throughout the school district.  Technology upgrades are a consistent capital item yearly in the district.

A $10,465 appropriation was passed to renovations in the hallway of the middle school and East Granby High School. A $5,235 appropriation was passed to install a fire access ladder to the roof of the school. An appropriation of $6,715 was approved for the replacement of an HVAC compressor at the high school.

A new interior door will be replaced at the middle school for a total of $7,625, and $6,200 was approved to be spent on new furniture at the Algrove School and the middle school.

Oliver said voter turnout often depends on what is on the meeting agenda. There are approximately 3,000 voters among the town’s population of 5,000.


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