Author encourages residents to find an adventure

By Gregory A. Scibelli - Staff Writer
Suffield - posted Sat., Jul. 16, 2011
Jeff Blumenfeld is the author of 'You Want to Go Where?' that helps explorers obtain funding for adventure travels. Photos by Gregory A. Scibelli
Jeff Blumenfeld is the author of 'You Want to Go Where?' that helps explorers obtain funding for adventure travels. Photos by Gregory A. Scibelli

So you want to take a trip and go on an adventure?

You want to know how to make it happen? Well, you should have been at the July 13 presentation at Kent Memorial Library, where many Suffield residents learned from a man who wrote an entire book about it.

The library hosted Jeff Blumenfeld, a published author of the new book, “You Want To Go Where?”

The book is a compilation of several different stories told by Blumenfeld, a very unique and well-traveled individual.  Suffield, however, is a favorite place for him to come.

“I love coming to this area and getting to promote my book,” Blumenfeld, a resident of New Canaan said.  “I travel up here often.  There is a lot to do here.”

Blumenfeld has spent many years as a facilitator putting corporations together with explorers.  The idea is to help secure funding for explorers by getting them sponsorships with the corporations or to promote their new products.

“It’s a very exciting business, and I had a lot of stories to tell,” said Blumenfeld.  “So I put them together in this book. It’s designed to help people realize their dreams of exploration.”

Blumenfeld gave a very interesting slide show and discussed several explorers, including dog sledders, mountain climbers, and people who have made treks across frozen lands like the Bering Strait in Alaska and Russia.

While doing all these things, he has also remained the editor and publisher of the Expedition News.  He has remained dedicated to the publications despite everywhere his career has taken him.

“No matter what happens, I find time to write 5,000 words every month about exploring,” said Blumenfeld.

Blumenfeld used the talk about his book to encourage residents to follow their dream and take that trip they have always wanted, even if it seems impossible.  Blumenfeld has helped work with people get to far away lands such as a the North Pole, Antarctica, and the top of Mount Everest.  But he reminded everyone, in order to get funding, there must be a reason for the trip.

“If you want to get someone to sponsor a climb of Mount Everest, you better have a purpose, because it  has already been done,” he said.

Kent Memorial Librarian Lois Gracey said bringing people like Blumenfeld to the library is a great way to gain interest in the Adult Summer Reading program.

“We like to try and bring in great authors like him who have real stories to tell,” said Gracey.  “We were very lucky to get him to come visit us.”

There are more great programs coming to the library this summer, including an author visit on July 20 by Diana Smith.  Local author Dawn Metcalf will be making an appearance on July 26 to do a reading of her teenage-oriented book, “Luminious.”  Metcalf is a resident of Suffield.

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