Little Theatre of Manchester presents a musical revue

By Annie Gentile - ReminderNews
Manchester - posted Thu., Aug. 4, 2011
Members of the cast of LTM's ‘The Second 25 Years’ rehearse the dance number, ‘Let's Do the Time Warp Again,’ from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ Photos by Annie Gentile.
Members of the cast of LTM's ‘The Second 25 Years’ rehearse the dance number, ‘Let's Do the Time Warp Again,’ from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ Photos by Annie Gentile.

It might seem unbelievable, but the Little Theatre of Manchester has been entertaining audiences for 50 years. In May 2010, LTM kicked off its 50th anniversary season, which included a musical revue in August of the company’s first 25 years of musicals. This year, LTM will continue the celebration with “The Second 25 Years - A Musical Revue,” which takes a stroll down memory lane highlighting many of the delightful show tunes that were part of LTM productions during the 1986 to 2010 seasons.

Directed by Sharon FitzHenry with musical direction by Bill Martin and choreography by Kristen Shaw, the revue features performances from such classic musicals as “The Sound of Music,” “My Fair Lady,” “The Music Man,” “Gypsy,” “Hair,” “Hello Dolly,” “Camelot” and even “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

“It’s an effort of great joy, and I think the audience will get a kick out of the numbers,” said FitzHenry, adding that they chose songs to suit the arc of the show and the performers, and to highlight both their favorites as well as audience favorites. There will be a good mix of ballads, upbeat songs, and dances. “For example, rather than to focus on one particular song in ‘Music Man,’ we chose to do a shortened, tongue-in-cheek performance of the whole musical in 10 minutes. It really trucks along,” she said.

“We’re all local performers and everyone is involved in singing and dancing,” said Sherrie Schallack, one of 32 performers in the show. “Everyone has their own small part and is also involved in the larger numbers,” she said.

“I’m new to the group,” said Bill Martin, the musical director for the show. Martin said FitzHenry invited him to come on board after they had collaborated successfully on a recent production at the Broad Brook Opera House. “I’d do anything with Sharon. She’s a great director,” he said.

Martin said there are almost 40 songs in the revue - some just short snippets, and others that are more in-depth.

“I think people will come for different reasons,” FitzHenry said of the audience. “Some will come to see the tried and true highlights of some of the best musicals. Others will come to remember LTM’s past performances and to see familiar faces - and really, on a hot summer day, can you think of any better way to spend your time but enjoying a great show in a cool and comfortable theatre?”

Performances of “The Second 25 Years – A Musical Revue” will be held Aug. 12-14 and Aug. 18-21 at Cheney Hall, at 177 Hartford Road in Manchester. For tickets, contact the box office at 860-647-9824 or visit


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Revue opens this Friday

Revue opens this Friday 8/12..... See you there!

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