Coach looking to instill values in teens

By Gregory A. Scibelli - Staff Writer
Windsor - posted Thu., Aug. 4, 2011
P.C. Development, led by coach BIll Morneault, captured the Senior League title in July over another Windsor team, Dale Drug. Courtesy photo. - Contributed Photo

Bill Morneault knows the value of playing sports during the transitional early teen years. He thanks sports for preventing him from suffering a similar fate to a friend who was killed in an accident many years ago. Now, Morneault promotes a two-win philosophy.
If his players score the first win, he says, the second win will come. Without that first win, the second one is meaningless. “What I teach the kids on my team is that the first and most important win is to do our best on that given day,” said Morneault. “We follow the rules, and most importantly, we play with sportsmanship. Even if we lose by the numbers, we have not been defeated. The second win is winning the event by the numbers. The second win is a hollow victory without the first.”

Morneault believes those values are important to give to the 13-, 14- and 15-year-olds he coaches in the Senior League, the final step in the Windsor Little League program. His team especially followed those values en route to a local championship, beating out two other Windsor teams, and teams in Suffield and Enfield in the local Senior League.

“It’s a nice Little League we have in town,” said Morneault. “We need this league to keep the kids involved in sports through Little League into the high school.”

Morneault said he believes part of the value of these sports opportunities is to keep students out of trouble and involved in a productive activity. “These sports keep kids active in a healthy way,” said Morneault. “I gained the same experience when I was younger.”

Morneault is trying to help promote the Windsor Senior League and is working to gain more sponsorship. He believes the values are worth instilling in the kids, but that in order to do that, it must also be affordable for all kids to participate. “We had three teams in town this year with 13 kids on a team,” said

Morneault. “I’d like to see those numbers increase and have even more teams.”

Windsor has an in-town Little League championship each year. Morneault’s group, sponsored by P.C. Development, was the regular season champion and gained home advantage in the playoffs. They finished the championship game defeating Dale Drug, 8-5, in early July. P.C. Development went 10-3 this season, their only losses coming from teams from the Thompsonville section of Enfield, and one loss against Dale Drug.

Morneault also enjoys coaching soccer, and his fall soccer team had a winning record last year, as well. He said he played both sports as a youth, but played soccer through high school and in college. While he coaches because his children play soccer and baseball, he enjoys coaching kids and said he wants to continue doing it.

“You can teach a lot of really good lessons to those kids when you’re out on that field, either practicing or in a game,” said Morneault. “A high school coach once told me to keep your head in the game - not too high that you’re too proud of yourself, and not too low where you get down on yourself. If you stay level, your head will always be in the game.” Morneault believes the life lessons in sports are learned in that middle, in between the lines.

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