Krupienski announces independent bid for Vernon mayor's office

By Steve Smith - Staff Writer
Vernon - posted Fri., Aug. 5, 2011
Unaffiliated Town Councilman James Krupienski officially announces his candidacy for mayor of Vernon. Photos by Steve Smith.
Unaffiliated Town Councilman James Krupienski officially announces his candidacy for mayor of Vernon. Photos by Steve Smith.

In front of family, friends and supporters at the Fox Hill Tower on Aug. 4, Town Councilman James Krupienski announced that he will run for the office of the mayor of Vernon, as an unaffiliated candidate.

“The town of Vernon, in recent months, has had a jaded political scene,” Krupienski said. “It has become clear that it is time for a new vision for Vernon. It's time for independent thinking on the part of all elected officials.”

Krupienski said that he and his family – wife Nancy, and three sons, Jack, Ben and Liam – discussed the matter, and they are supporting him in his run for mayor.

"My experience on the Town Council, as well as an employee in the town itself, has given me a great understanding of town operations, as well as the needs of the departments,” Krupienski said. “I've enjoyed working with the town staff, hearing their ideas and ways of saving money for our town.”

Krupienski said he foresees ways to cut additional town spending, as well as looking for grant monies and other opportunities to grow the tax base. He also called for the establishment of a capital reserve fund, in order to mitigate future needed expenses.

“I want every person in town to know that they can come up to me, e-mail me, and call me, to ask questions,” Krupienski said. “I'll be available for them.”

Calling attention to the partisan bickering that has dominated council meetings and made headlines, Krupienski said the fact that he is unaffiliated will aid in providing decorum and focusing on the issues. “Vernon residents will benefit most from a political process where all of our elected officials have a mutually-respectful discussion about issues, [and] when they decide to work together for what the people who have elected them would want for Vernon.”

Krupienski thinks that running as an independent candidate is an asset. “I know there are a lot of people out there who are annoyed with both our federal and our state government – both parties,” he said. “I think that standing outside of that is something most people will look at as a positive aspect. They will see that there isn't going to be that push and pull.”


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