Free concerts promote focus on music and family fun time

By Gregory A. Scibelli - Staff Writer
Windsor - posted Fri., Aug. 12, 2011
Corrine Delgallo enjoys the free concert with her son Noah, 2.  Photos by Gregory A. Scibelli.
Corrine Delgallo enjoys the free concert with her son Noah, 2. Photos by Gregory A. Scibelli.

Family time is hard to come by sometimes in a world where life is in a hurry, and there are obligations such as work, school, sports, and other activities that often take precedence.

The Concert on the Green presented by FirstTown Downtown and the Windsor Chamber of Commerce has been providing families an opportunity to get together and enjoy a great time for many years, and many families are still taking advantage of a pleasant night out.

All of the concerts are free.

“I lived here in Windsor for a really long time,” said Corrine Delgallo. “I have heard of these concerts for a long time, and I thought it would be a great night for me and my son.” Delgallo and 2-year-old, Noah, came with some friends and their children on Aug. 11 and learned just how enjoyable it was to sit on a blanket with chairs and listen to music.  “This is a great way to come out and have a picnic,” said Delgallo.

She also noticed that other activities on the green accompany the concerts. “They had a reading time for the younger kids, and it’s great to expose them to music and art and reading at this age,” said Delgallo.

Delgallo is not the only one who sees the great benefits for her family. Lisa Douglas brings her children to every concert, and has for their entire lives. Her favorite performances are polka bands. “Every time they [polka bands] come out, we have relatives from Massachusetts that come, and we all dance with them to that music,” said Douglas. “It’s a lot of fun and children all enjoy it.”
Her children even bring their own portable picnic table and eat dinner and play games during performances. “It’s really nice that Windsor does this for the families here,” said Douglas. “The kids love it, and all their friends love it, too.”

On Aug. 11, Cover Story performed and provided a great experience for all music-lovers, performing some popular contemporary music, slow songs, fast songs, and dance songs. One of the highlights of the evening was the amount of audience participation with the children as they sang the popular song, “I Gotta Feeling,” best known as being performed by the Black Eyed Peas. The song was a hit with the children, who danced right up close with the performers.

Two concerts remain in the summer concert series: Freedom Trail Gospel Explosion will entertain on Aug. 18, and Skyway is scheduled for Aug. 25. The concerts run from 7 to 9 p.m., and if they are cancelled due to weather, they take place on the following Tuesday.

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