New GHS coach taking 'next step' approach

By Steve Smith - Staff Writer
Glastonbury - posted Fri., Aug. 19, 2011
Junior Charles Wooding lifts an oversized tire on the first night of training camp for the Glastonbury Tomahawks on Aug. 17. Photos by Steve Smith.
Junior Charles Wooding lifts an oversized tire on the first night of training camp for the Glastonbury Tomahawks on Aug. 17. Photos by Steve Smith.

As training camp opened for the Glastonbury High School Tomahawks, the team had a new face at the helm. Scott Daniels takes over as the football team's head coach, after Peter Pfeffer hung up his whistle last season.

Daniels has been a physical education teacher at GHS for the past 13 years. He was a linebacker/running back coach for GHS in the late '90s, and previously coached youth teams. He was most recently a receivers coach for Wesleyan University. Daniels grew up in Enfield, and also coached at Fermi High School.

He said that football was always important to him, and when the opportunity came along, he couldn't pass it up. 
“It's a great place, with great kids and great coaches,” he said.

Daniels said, unabashedly, that he is a defensive-minded coach, but is also tweaking how the team approaches offense.

“I think teams are successful if they focus and hang their hats on defense,” he said. “We'll continue to do that, not that we'll forget about offense. If you look at successful teams, they have a core defense that's solid.You have to look at how you can be successful. You have to look at your personnel. If you did the same thing every year, you'd be easy to play – easy to prepare for.”

He is also very goal-oriented, with a focus on the next step.

“We focus on what's in front of us right now,” he said. “We've talked about action goals. If you want to win this and that, you've got to talk about what steps you need to take to meet those goals.”

Daniels said that, after seeing some of his players last year, and in off-season workouts, there should be an increase in speed (especially on defense), and no shortage of skilled players to fill some key vacancies.

“We've lost some key skill guys, and we're looking to fill those right away,” he said, adding that the group of 110 players who have come out for the team should produce the necessary pieces through “open auditions,” as he expects 100-percent effort from every player, from now until the end of the season.

“Everything's up for grabs,” Daniels said. “Everyone's competing for positions, and these kids know that.That's a good environment. Throughout the season, if they have that mind-set that they are competing for a spot, that's going to make us a good team.”

Daniels said the competition this year will be tough, and the expectations are high, but the work ethic of the team will be what will carry them as far as the team allows it to.

“If I sat here and told you I didn't want to win the conference, go to the playoffs, and win the state championship, I'd be lying,” he said. “Is that a realistic goal? Sure, that's one of the results goals I talk to the kids about, but we need to face what we're facing right now. Everybody in our conference is good. You have to prepare for every single game like it's a state tournament game.”

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