Miss Kitty's long journey home

By Denise Coffey - Staff Writer
Moosup - posted Tue., Aug. 23, 2011
Nicole Robinson's cat, 'Miss Kitty.' Courtesy photo. - Contributed Photo

When Nicole Robinson moved from Moosup to her sister’s home in Oxford, Mass., for a temporary stay earlier this summer, her daughters, two cats and a dog went with her. When she moved back to Moosup, she couldn't find her 3-year-old rescue cat, Miss Kitty.

Robinson was heartbroken. “I kept going back to Oxford to find her,” she said. Six weeks went by without a trace of the cat.

On Aug. 7, Robinson visited her mother in Dayville. When she was leaving, she heard a cat meowing in the dark yard and thought it was a stray. A few days later, Robinson's mother called. “I know you lost your cat,” she said. “You should take this one in.”

On Aug. 17, when she again visited her mother in Dayville, she saw the stray that her mother had been trying to coax her into taking. She called the cat and it came right to her.

“That looks like Miss Kitty,” she told her mother. The cat had the markings on her body and the feet that Robinson recognized as Miss Kitty’s. The cat had lost a lot of weight, but otherwise seemed fine.

“I know my cat,” Robinson said. “She was purring all over me. I took her home. She went up to the other cat and the dog and she kept purring… She walked in the house and went upstairs to my daughter's room, where she always sleeps, and that was that.”

Robinson still can't wrap her head around how Miss Kitty made her interstate journey home, but she is simply glad that she did. “We're all happy that she's home,” she said.

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