Vote Here! Municipalities and residents prepare for Nov. 8

By Lauri Voter - Staff Writer
Regional - posted Fri., Oct. 28, 2011
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Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8, and registered voters in Ashford, Stafford and Willington can cast their votes in their respective municipal elections from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at designated polling places. Bring your photo identification along when voting.

In this year's municipal election, there are no ballot questions in Ashford, Stafford or Willington.

The breakdown of polling places and candidates is as follows:


Polling place: Knowlton Memorial Hall, 25 Pompey Hollow Road (Route 44)


First Selectman – Ralph H. Fletcher (D)

Selectman – Michael J. Zambo (D); William A. Falletti, Sr. (R)

Board of Finance (vote for any two) – Catherine E. Silver-Smith (D); Susan C. Eastwood (D)

Board of Finance to fill vacancy for four years – Charles Earle Funk, IV (D)

Board of Finance Alternate – Eugenie E. Bagley (D); Carl H. Pfalzgraf (R)

Board of Education (vote for any two) – Lisa McAdam Donegan (D); Donald T. Wesson, Jr. (D); Beth Anne Supina (R); Kay M. Warren (R)

Board of Assessment Appeals – Christine Marie Reed (D); Mary Ann J. Simpson (R)

Planning and Zoning Commission (vote for any three) – Alexander Hastillo (D); Seth Patterson Lyman (R); Evelyn T. Pfalzgraf (R); Sidney E. Organ (R)  

Planning and Zoning Commission Alternate (vote for any three) – Nord P. Yakovleff (D); Anthony J. Paticchio (D)

Zoning Board of Appeals (vote for any two) – William J. Alape (D); John E. Regan (D); Linda G. Falletti (R)

Library Trustee (vote for any two) – Elizabeth A. Fitzroy (D); Charlene S. Armitage (R); Gerald P. Nagy (R)

Library Trustee to fill vacancy for two years – Helen B. Chapman (R)

Regional Board of Education (vote for any two) – Michael P. Sibiga (D); Janice A. Chamberlain (D); Michael P. Sibiga (R)

For more information about the town of Ashford visit


Polling places:

First District - Benjamin A. Muzio Stafford Town House (Old Town Hall), 221 East St. (Route 19)                                                     Second District - Stafford Community Center, 3 Buckley Highway (Route 190)                                                                                     Third District - West Stafford Fire Department, 144 West Stafford Road (Route 190)


First Selectman – David F. Walsh (D); Eric J. Molitoris (O); Richard Shuck (R) 

Selectman – Neil Hoss (D); Deidriene Guglielmo Knowlton (O); Deidriene Guglielmo Knowlton (R);

Town Clerk – Karen G. Troiano (D); Corina Estell (O); Corina Estell (R)

Town Treasurer – Duane Beffa-Negrini (D); Donna Hosey (O); Donna Hosey (R)

Tax Collector -  Stephanie Irving (D); Peter Gibbs (O); Peter Gibbs (R)

Board of Finance (vote for any two) – Edward M. Muska (D); Salem Hadj-Salem (O); Sylvan Tetrault (R); Ted Rummel (R)

Board of Education (vote for any four) – Beth Ann Morhardt (D); Jennifer Julian Davis (D); Kathleen M. Walsh (D); Sonya Shegogue-Weed (O); Lisa Finch (O); Pamela Descheneau (O); Sonya Shegogue-Weed (R); Lisa Finch (R); Pamela Descheneau (R);

Board of Assessment Appeals (vote for any two) – Erin Dunn Kirchhofer (D); Dock R. Sellers (O); Dock R. Sellers (R);

Planning and Zoning Commission – Christopher Grohs (D); Paul Litvinchyk (O); Roger Pelizari (R)

Zoning Board of Appeals – Dennis Kaba (O); Dennis Kaba (R);

Constables (vote for any four) – Brian R. Tautic (D); Harold Blake Hatch (D); Richard F. Hartenstein, Jr. (D); Gary A. Quinn (D); Wallace Brisson (O); Phillip Maynard (O); Eric J. Molitoris (O); Wallace Brisson (R); Barry W. Locke (R); William E. Bradshaw (R); Corey D. Bennett (R)

For more information about the town of Stafford and to view the sample ballot, visit


Polling place: Town Offices, 40 Old Farms Road


First Selectman – Mark Palmer (D); Christina Beebe Mailhos (S)

Selectman - John Blessington (R); Richard M. Littell (S)

Treasurer – Patricia Ignatowicz (D)

Board of Finance (vote for any two) – Kenneth Schoppmann (D); Chopeta Lyons (D); Jim Bullick (R); Jim Poole (R); Allen J. Furphy (S); Robert J. Wiecenski (S)

Board of Finance Alternate (vote for any two) – Orlando J. Rodriguez (D); Annemarie Poole (R); Elizabeth K. Treiber (S)

Board of Education (vote for any four) – Mark Jones (D); Michelle Cunningham (D); Herbert C. Arico (R); Barry Wallett (S)

Regional Board of Education (vote for any two) – Elizabeth Peczuh (D); Robert Jellen (D); John Patton (S)

Library Directors (vote for any two) – Janice Boltseridge (D); Heather Dancosse (R); Elyse M. Sullivan (S); Sarah E. Jean (S)

Board of Assessment Appeals – Ed Taiman (R); Mary Bowen (S)

Planning and Zoning Commission (vote for any two) – Edward Standish (S); George A. Marco (S)

For more information about the town of Willington and to view the sample ballot, visit

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