Scotland First Selectman candidates speak out

By Melanie Savage - Staff Writer
Scotland - posted Wed., Nov. 2, 2011
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The ReminderNews asked the candidates for First Selectman in Scotland the following questions:

1. What made you decide to run for this position?

2. What is the most pressing issue, in your opinion, currently facing the town?

3. How will the economy affect decisions you make should you be elected for this position?

Below are their answers:

Liz Wilson First Selectman (D) - I was the First Selectman here from 1995 to 2007. I have been serving on the Board of Selectmen since 2009, when I decided to return to town government after a brief hiatus to spend time with my grandchildren. As they grow, I would very much like to return to the post of First Selectman and grow the town again.

A small town's major struggle is always trying to keep operating costs as low as possible, while complying with state mandates. The rising property tax burden is probably what concerns the taxpayers the most, myself included.

Scotland has always been fiscally responsible, but reduced funding from the state will require even more diligence and, most likely, cuts in spending, wherever possible. We have much work to do.

Dan Syme First Selectman (R) - I chose to enter the process to be part of the effort that will shape Scotland’s future. I chose to step up to be a part of the process.

The cost of residing in Scotland [is the most pressing issue facing the town]. We don’t have any commercial, or anything in town. Our agriculture is drying up.

I believe, with state and fed cutbacks, that I am looking forward to working with planning and zoning in the development of the “Plan of Conservation and Development” in working with the various boards and agencies in an effort to develop budgets that will have minimal impact on the taxpayers.

Other candidates running for the Scotland Board of Selectmen on Nov. 8 are Joseph Savino (D) and Clare D'Appollonio (R).


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