Plainfield Senior Chorus sings and dances up a storm

By Merja H. Lehtinen - ReminderNews
Plainfield - posted Wed., Nov. 9, 2011
The song and dance group ‘The Rag Mops’ brought the house down. Photos by Merja H. Lehtinen.
The song and dance group ‘The Rag Mops’ brought the house down. Photos by Merja H. Lehtinen.

You would never know that the performers and singers presenting the program “Those Were the Days” at the Plainfield High School were senior citizens, other than by the obvious experience and polished talent displayed on Friday, Nov. 4.

These “seniors” were those who graduated in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, not the class of 2012.

The energy and liveliness of the performers in the Plainfield Senior Chorus could rival recent graduating classes, as there was no stopping these seniors from having fun; and, the silver-haired audience roared and sang along with them.

The night was a lively mixture of swing, bee-bop, traditional sing-alongs, special skits, including one of Dean Martin, as well as song and dance numbers that just wouldn't stop. The “Rag Mops” brought the house down with laughter.

From “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” to “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” and “By the Light of the Silvery Moon,” several hundred voices, young and old, chimed in on the fun. “Cruising Down the River,” “Roll Out the Barrel,” “Now is the Hour,” “Down by the Old Mill Stream,” “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport,” and “On Moonlight Bay” were all performed by the Plainfield Senior Chorus with the audience singing along.

The funniest skits were only surpassed by a lively audience of septuagenarians and octogenarians sitting in the back rows, raising their canes and having fun, just as they might have done when they were still at Plainfield High School themselves.

There were literally hundreds of seniors, a few decked out in the tell-tale hats of The Red Hat Society, Women's Club members, and myriad others accompanied by younger generations of their families at the high school for the well-attended musical event.

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