A dip in ice water raises funds for boosters

By Janice Steinhagen - Staff Writer
Griswold - posted Tue., Nov. 29, 2011
Near-freezing temperatures didn't deter participants in the annual GHS Booster Club Turkey Dip. Photos by Janice Steinhagen.
Near-freezing temperatures didn't deter participants in the annual GHS Booster Club Turkey Dip. Photos by Janice Steinhagen.

The prospect of a dip into 44-degree water for a good cause on Thanksgiving Day didn’t faze Cory Mucci much. “I just got back from Greenland,” said Mucci, who was on leave from the Air Force for Thanksgiving. “I did the Arctic Ocean up there, so it was pretty good – I’ve done a little training.”

Mucci, a 2009 graduate of Griswold High School, joined almost 20 other hardy souls – including his sister, Jenna Mucci – in the annual Turkey Dip, sponsored by the GHS Booster Club. The “dippers” braved the icy shallows of Ashland Pond for a few moments in an effort to raise funds for the school’s athletic program.

That they did – to the tune of $3,500.

“That was fun,” Mucci said after it was all over. Despite his Arctic Circle “training,” he was still rubbing his feet. “My foot is frozen,” he said.

Turkey Dip veteran Josh Barrie said he learned how best to endure the event the hard way. “This is, like, my fifth year doing it,” he said. His first year, he recalled, “I was out here standing in the snow, freezing my feetsies off. For all the other people who want to do it: wear shoes.”

Jeff “Stogie” Collins wore a suit jacket and tie with his tropical swim trunks. He said he’s participated in the event since its inception. “It’s just to help out and have a good time,” he said.

A goodly crowd of onlookers – many of them bearing armloads of towels and warm clothing – cheered on the dippers as they edged over to the water behind the Jacques Cartier Club in Jewett City. “We just stuck a thermometer down there,” Johnnie G from radio station WCTY told the crowd. “It’s 44 degrees.”

To add to the chill factor, organizers dumped a couple buckets of ice cubes into the water for good measure just prior to the plunge.

Prizes ranging from an iPad to cash and gift cards were offered to the top money-raisers.

Dean Fontaine left the event with an armload of event commemorative t-shirts inscribed with the name of his father, Edgar Fontaine, a longtime booster who died this summer. The elder Fontaine was remembered fondly during the event as one of its staunchest supporters. “These will go to the kids and grandkids,” said Fontaine.

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