Money-saving decorating ideas

By Andrew J. Concatelli - ReminderNews Assistant Editor
Statewide - posted Thu., Dec. 8, 2011
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It is quite tempting to go overboard with the holiday decorations. If you buy everything available, your fancy garlands, wreaths and ornaments may end up costing more than the presents. The good news is that there are many easy, clever, cost-efficient ways to decorate:

Make paper chains or paper snowflakes – They are fun and easy to make. Be creative, and make them with all colors, or intricate designs.

Use those ornaments – If you have too many boxes full of colorful glass Christmas balls to use on your tree, use them in your decorating. Hang them from the ceiling, put them in big vases or hang them off a porch.

Go natural – Pomegranates, pine cones and pears mixed with ornaments and garland can make a beautiful centerpiece. You could also decorate with extra tree trimmings from your own tree or from the tree lot.

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