Superintendent examines schools’ mission and goals for new year

By Wayne Sweeney - Superintendent, Windsor Locks Public Schools
Windsor Locks - posted Thu., Jan. 5, 2012
Superintendent Wayne Sweeney listens to concerns from Board of Education members. File photo. - Contributed Photo

This has been an amazing year for Windsor Locks Public Schools. I am proud to serve as superintendent in a community where staff, the Board of Education, parents and the community as a whole support their schools. It is due to this support that we are all working hard to ensure every student is healthy, safe, supported, engaged and challenged. It is due to this support that a genuine belief exists that all of our students can achieve at higher levels than we have ever imagined before. And, it is due to this support that we are working to educate our students to be successful in a rapidly-changing global society.

Our new mission and district goals are having a significant influence on our future success: “The WLPS will create and sustain a community of life-long learners where all students are engaged, empowered and expected to achieve at the highest levels and to become responsible, contributing citizens in an ever-changing, global society.”

Goal 1: Windsor Locks Public Schools will insure that all students are engaged in their learning and challenged to achieve at the highest level.

Goal 2: Windsor Locks Pubic Schools will use research-based leadership and best workplace practices to ensure high levels of achievement.

Goal 3: Windsor Locks Public Schools will support every student through a diverse network of caring adults.

Goal 4: Windsor Locks Public Schools will provide safe and healthy environments where students will learn how to sustain and promote healthy living.

We continue to be committed to the students of Windsor Locks, but we still have a lot to accomplish, as we are not satisfied with the level of all of our students’ achievement.  As we continue to implement research-based initiatives designed to increase everyone’s achievement, we will need the continued support of our community through time, talent and resources.

2012 promises to be great year for the staff and students of Windsor Locks, as we continue our efforts to increase achievement by:
-increasing standards and expectations of all students

-adjusting learning and teaching to meet the individual needs of students

-using student assessment data to make decisions about our students learning

-implementing multiple pathways to earning a WLHS diploma, ensuring our graduates are prepared with college-ready skills to be successful in their continued learning and life; and

-developing opportunities for extended time for our students to demonstrate their learning

I proudly invite the entire community to join us in our efforts. There are many ways to get involved. Here are just a few:

-if you are a parent of one of our students, contact your school to learn about the school parent advisory committees, or the PTA

-become active with the Windsor Locks Dollars 4 Scholars

-encourage your students to be involved in school activities

-when your student brings home work or report cards that do not meet your standards, do not let it be acceptable, put into place study time, reading time, or support your student’s need to stay after school for help

-talk with your students about the importance of continuing school beyond high school, (i.e. community college, trade schools, universities, etc.)

Together we can create the world-class educational system your children - our future leaders - deserve.

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