SWHS girls' lacrosse team steps it up

By Felicia Whatley - Staff Writer
South Windsor - posted Thu., Mar. 22, 2012
The Bobcats in action.
The Bobcats in action.

The 2012 South Windsor High School lacrosse team is building on new team members and old core values. “We have core returning players and we will need the less experienced to step it up. Our good senior leadership will help us take on an extremely competitive 2012 schedule that will be even more difficult than last year's,” said coach Ed Duclos, who has been with the program for 22 years.
Lacrosse is the fastest-growing team sport around the nation. Duclos described it as a basketball game on the field, where players have to stick the ball in the basket on the end of the long still. The players have to run, pass and shoot the ball quickly.

“Our biggest challenge is for our inexperienced players, who need to do the fundamentals well, but there is a big bond between the senior leadership, strong coaching staff, and the players,” said Duclos.

There is much emphasis put on values and in the teaching methods and expectations as to how the players conduct themselves. The core values are “CPR”: Competitive, Positive and Responsible.

“They shouldn't back down to another player, even in practice,” said Duclos about the competitive portion of the core values. “Being positive, regardless if they make a mistake. They need to be resilient," he said. "As for responsibility, they not only take responsibility for the team, but also as a teammate. The group is ready to live those core values, and no matter what the scoreboard says, we will be successful.”

Assistant coach Mark Duclos has been helping coach the girls' lacrosse team for 13 years. He feels that the biggest challenge for the team right now is rebuilding critical parts. “My job is to rebuild the defense. This year the kids have come back prepared with a good attitude, ready to build a competitive environment. We have a good start,” he said.

The assistant coach feels that to be more competitive, the team needs to play more team defense. “I don't think we are strong enough as individuals; that is why it is important to get a team mentality instilled. Yes, lacrosse is like basketball with all the good components, but with quirky rules that most onlookers don't understand when the whistle blows,” said Mark Duclos.

The four seniors look forward to a good season and college coming up.

Jenna Harner plays defense and plans to attend Ithica University in New York in the fall, where she will also be playing lacrosse. “I am looking forward to the team coming together. We worked so hard on the off-season. We are prepared,” said Harner.

Senior Brogan Canty plays attack position and will be playing lacrosse for Plymouth State in New Hampshire soon. “I am looking forward to our competition. Some are from England, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. It will be a tough schedule, to sum it up,” said Canty.

Sally Park, also a senior, plays defense and will be attending UConn in the fall. She said, “I am looking forward to having fun enjoying my last year of lacrosse at South Windsor High. I also want to improve in my position.”

Senior Steph Vanderlinden plays defense and will be playing for Endicott College in Beverly, Mass. “I am looking forward to good team dynamics and a hard work ethic. It's my senior year. I want to step it up,” said Vanderlinden.

The assistant coach added, “We are looking forward to a good season and a good attitude to work hard.”

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