Hornets’ boys’ varsity track members qualify for state championships in first meet

By Frances Taylor - Staff Writer
East Hartford - posted Fri., Apr. 6, 2012
EHHS boys' track team performs footwork exercises during practice. Photos by Frances Taylor.
EHHS boys' track team performs footwork exercises during practice. Photos by Frances Taylor.

In their first meet of the season against Manchester High School, several members of the East Hartford High School track team posted scores high enough to qualify for the state championships. In the words of EHHS track coach Matthew Shay, “We are off to an awesome start.”

Players who have already qualified for the states include: Carlton Steer, a javelin thrower; runner Edward Ackon, who qualified in the 100- and 200-meter; Fitzroy Miller in the 100 meters; Javante Bernard qualified in the long jump and the triple jump; and Kurt Longren in the 200 meters.

Shay also noted that the track team is one of the largest he's had, with a significant number of indoor track runners continuing into the spring season, and a good turnout among freshman and sophomores.

“We did very well, especially considering that wind was against us, and we were up against Manchester,” Shay said. “We have a number of people who already qualify for the LL championships, and qualifying for the states is what it’s all about.”

Shay said a number of players came straight from the indoor track season without a break, which creates an easy transition into spring meets. “And the fact is that we have some very good, very talented runners,” he said.

Steer, a junior, said this was the first time he has qualified for the state championships from the first meet of the season. “It’s pretty good - it’s the first time that has ever happened for me,” he said.

Ackon, who in his second year with the team, said this was also his first time to qualify so early. “I never did that before, but I think it’s good so many of us have done it. I think it means the team is really motivated and that we are going to do really well,” he said.

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