Buying a lawnmower

By Joan Hunt - ReminderNews Managing Editor
Home & Garden - posted Wed., Apr. 11, 2012
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Is it time for a new lawnmower? Here are some things to consider before you buy a new one:

• How much lawnmower do you need to do the job? Will a self-propelled walk-behind be okay, or do you need a riding mower? The expense differential is huge, but worth it if you have an acre or more, or if time, age or health is an issue.
• What special issues does your yard have, with regard to terrain? Are there steep grades, naturalized areas that need special landscaping tools?
• Look for energy efficiency and easy maintenance and operation when you compare lawnmowers. It should be easy to start. It should have a bag to catch grass clippings, and that bag should be easy to remove, dump and replace. Also, routine maintenance issues like changing the oil and spark plugs, and cleaning the air filter should be easy to accomplish. Try to find a lawnmower with a handle that breaks down easily for convenient storage.

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