Lightning protection

By Susan Kozak
Home & Garden - posted Wed., Apr. 11, 2012
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A single lightning strike can cause a catastrophic failure of electronic equipment; damage security systems; and ruin electrical and telecommunications. It can kill humans and animals or cause cardiopulmonary, neurological, and other physical injuries.

An estimated 1,800 thunderstorms are in progress on earth at any given moment.  Lightning strikes the earth 100 times per second.  In the United States, lightning kills more people than tornadoes and hurricanes combined and causes $4 to $5 billion in damages each year.

Structures that are generally in less-populated areas, as well as prominent structures, are particularly susceptible to lightning strikes and may benefit from a lightning rod system.  These include high-rise commercial or residential complexes, power stations, buildings that contain computers and electronics, hospitals, houses of worship, stadiums, universities and barns.

A lightning rod system is nothing a DIY-er should mess with.  It is not the same system you use to ground your electrical system. These systems are engineered and are very dangerous to install.  You really should leave this to a professional.

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