Track and field team has neither a track nor a field

By Felicia Whatley - Staff Writer
Bolton - posted Wed., Apr. 18, 2012
Bolton High School track team members warm up. Photos by Felicia Whatley.
Bolton High School track team members warm up. Photos by Felicia Whatley.

The Bolton High School track and field team practices in the parking lot in front of the school, runs alongside the road, and utilizes Coventry's track because their school does not have a track or field for participants in the sport. “We run on the parking lot. We use Coventry's [track] once a week and do not compete in any of the field events,” said coach Dani Kennedy.

This is the Bolton resident's fifth year coaching the team. She also coaches cross-country at Manchester High School. Despite their lack of facilities, Kennedy said, “We have some talent, but there are so many events we cannot compete in at the meets that there is no way we can win. Our biggest challenge is not having a track.”

“But the kids know that and they still come out,” said assistant coach Ryan Knight. He is a physical education instructor. He said their biggest strength is their character.

“Forty-two high school kids run for Bolton High School. We are taking it easy today, because tomorrow we have a meet,” he said last week.

The runners came in at 8 a.m. during their spring break to run together. “This is good exercise. We work out every day but Sunday," said senior Dominic Blesso. "We have excellent coaches. It is a tight-knit group. Most of us hadn't competed in running until high school,” he said.

They overcome many challenges to compete against other schools. “Every meet is a challenge. I look forward to improving each season and getting better as a team,” said Tracy Roe, who competes in the 400-meter sprints.

They enjoy running, but the team captains don't see themselves continuing to run in college, although maybe for club sports. “I want to go to a particular college that doesn't have track and field, but I will continue to run on my own. I currently compete in the 200 meter runs,” said senior James Colla.

The runners expressed their admiration for their coaching staff. “They come out and work out with us and do what we do. It sets an example,” said Blesso. Some, like Blesso, who runs the 800-meter relay, have run on the team their full four years of high school.

The members of the Bolton track team said they run for fun. Roe added, “We have definitely grown in size over the years. Our coaches are very supportive.”

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