SWHS softball team is close, motivated

By Felicia Whatley - Staff Writer
South Windsor - posted Thu., Apr. 26, 2012
The batter is ready to hit the ball into the outfield. Photos by Felicia Whatley.
The batter is ready to hit the ball into the outfield. Photos by Felicia Whatley.

The South Windsor High School softball team has lost a couple of games, but has won most of them, and the players have kept motivated despite the moody weather. “We have a good number of kids returning from last year. It is a junior/senior-laden team that is off to a good start,” said coach Mandy Rocznink.

After the games the team lost, the coach and team resumed a positive attitude about the season’s possibilities. “For the games we lost, we still played well for at least part of the game; we just let it get away from us. We can build on what we learned. We lost against good teams. We will play those teams again and do better,” said Rocznink.

It is the coach's second year coaching at SWHS, but she has almost 22 years of experience coaching. She previously coached softball for Central Connecticut State University for nine years. The coach is looking to the future optimistically.

“We will make the state tournament and do better than we did last year. We need to work on trying not to beat ourselves, which has not helped our cause, but we will win against them next time,” Rocznink said.

The seniors on the team talked about its camaraderie and how they play for fun. “All my best friends are on the team. I have a fun time playing. We had a really good start, but we let it get away from us,” said shortstop Alyson Stearns.

Right fielder Hayley Moquin has been playing for the team for two years and said it is less about the winning than it is about continuing to keep trying. “These girls are my family. I love them to death. I love playing softball. The best thing is to stay with it. We still went for it and kept our heads up,” she said.

Second base player Kelly Sivo believes in the organization and her team. “We are a talented team this year. I have been together with these girls for a long time. We grew up together,” she said. “There are great times on the field when we put our heart out there. I love that softball is action-packed.”

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