Boys' track team sprints forward

By Felicia Whatley - Staff Writer
South Windsor - posted Fri., May. 4, 2012
Sprinters line up for the relay match at South Windsor High School. Photos by Felicia Whatley.
Sprinters line up for the relay match at South Windsor High School. Photos by Felicia Whatley.

Only a few track teams have enough talent or manpower to be threatening in the LL division against South Windsor High School’s boys’ track team. “You don’t need all the best players, but it helps to have a lot of kids," said coach Peter Anthony. "Unless you have a lot of people on your team to win the high jump and throwing, that’s 15 points right there. Our South Windsor team is young and promising,” Anthony said.

Senior Sam Kaczmarek competes in discus and shot put. He has been competing since he was in eighth grade and plans on continuing in college at University of Hartford. “I have a good time," he said. "This sport is a different environment, a little bit more laid back than the football I play, but quiet and serious when I throw.”

Kaczmarek has known most of his teammates throughout his scholastic career, especially the seniors. Kaczmarek said, “I couldn’t think of a better time than to spend with these guys on the track. I love this sport more than any other. It is the most unique.”

He also is trying the hammer, which is a throwing sport with a ball and chain. That event is only offered two meets per year.

Kaczmarek placed 18th in state and fifth in the LL series. This year he is expected to make it to the New England competition.

“We have some exceptional sprinters doing the 4x100 that are better than most teams; some have already qualified in state," said assistant coach John Salcious. "Our field events we are pretty strong in, with Sam the strongest in state in his events.

Everyone is working hard getting personal best records. We also have a good long-distance runner [in] Ethan Gasta, a sophomore who runs the 1600 meters. He almost made it to state. We have a couple more weeks and he should qualify,” said Salcious.

“Sam is off to an outstanding season," said Anthony of Kaczmarek. "It has to be rewarding for him and is for me, as a coach. He has improved."

"Up and coming is our young sprinter, Ryan Taylor, a sophomore," Anthony continued. "He was sixth in the Irv Black Invitational. If you put the time in, you have a chance to try to do it right. They have all worked really hard,” said Anthony.

Co-captain senior Kevin Morse runs the 800-meter race and has been running competitively for three years. “We are doing pretty well," he said. "The team is young and we are looking to improve. The young guys are stepping up and there is a good future for this team too. I started running with the great support from the coaches,” said Morse.

Freshman Jack Albert runs the 1600- and 800-meter dash. He said, “I like the sport and the fact that we work hard together. The coach knows a lot about running.”

Freshman Chris Erickson is a long-distance runner, tackling the 1600- and 3200-meter races. “It is fun to be a part of this,” he said. “I enjoy the practices, because we always work hard and get better at running. Coach Anthony knows how to train us, and the captains always have us working.”

Senior Seth Pines, also a co-captain, will be attending the University of Arizona in the fall. He runs the 110 and 300 hurdles. “We have a lot of good guys on the team who are always competing hard," he said. "Everyone gives their all. Our sport is your sport’s punishment. We do this for fun,” said Pines.

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