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Home & Garden - posted Mon., May. 7, 2012
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For most of us, the home we live in is a continual work in progress. As soon as we get settled into it, we find things we want to change, or fix or maybe add onto it.

Say the next door neighbors add an attractive three-season porch to their property, and you catch the bug to do the same. Or possibly the big picture window you’ve loved for 15 years now seems dated and you would like to replace it with a palladium window. Sometimes it is just as simple as the living room furniture is totally shot and the kids are going off to college, so it is time to buy new furnishings and possibly redecorate while you are at it.

One way to make sure that you are prepared for times like those, at least from the design aspect, is to keep a “styleboard”  going somewhere in your home. Whenever you see something that particularly grabs your attention, add it to the styleboard.

The styleboard can be a bulletin board where you clip swatches of fabrics, photos of wall arrangements or anything that catches your fancy. Or you could use a notebook or portfolio to gather images, add sketches and so on. You can also create a virtual styleboard on your computer, possibly with links to furnishings, architectural details and other ideas that you like.

The advantage to creating a styleboard file on your computer is that you can share things more easily with family and friends. It also makes it easier to compare things you might find in stores and catalogs. And, of course, it is a lot easier to keep track of than a physical styleboard might be.

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