Spring home repairs checklist

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Home & Garden - posted Mon., May. 7, 2012
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The American Society of Home Inspectors offers the following checklist to help homeowners figure out the areas to target for spring repairs:

• Check for leaky or loose gutters. A gutter that isn’t draining correctly can cause water to enter a crawl space or basement. Ensure that all downspouts empty at least 8 inches from the foundation and that they are free of any debris.

• Look for any low areas in your yard, and particularly near the foundation. If any are found, fill them with soil. When water gathers in a low area during the summer, it makes a perfect insect breeding ground.

• Use a screwdriver to check the trim around your decks, railings, doors and windows. Rain can do significant damage, so now is the time to repair wood trim.

• Perform a visual roof inspection. Look for any shingles that have become loose or lost during the winter. Check the flashing around chimneys, skylights and plumbing vents and have a qualified roofer make any necessary repairs.

• Check the chimney exterior for cracks and damage, and have your flue inspected and cleaned by a professional.

• Lubricate your garage door.

• Concrete slabs should be inspected for movement or cracks. Cracks can easily be filled with silicone caulk. Give it a good power washing and then seal it.

• Firewood should never be stored close to the home. It needs to be 24 inches from your house and 18 inches from the ground.

• Check outdoor faucets for damage. Turn on the water and put a finger in the opening. If you can completely stop the flow of water, you probably have a damaged interior pipe that will need to be replaced.


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