Cracked court is obstacle for EHHS boys' tennis team

By Frances Taylor - Staff Writer
East Hartford - posted Fri., May. 11, 2012
The EHHS boys' varsity tennis team has been plagued by problems with the tennis court. Photos by Frances Taylor.
The EHHS boys' varsity tennis team has been plagued by problems with the tennis court. Photos by Frances Taylor.

This year, the boys’ varsity tennis team at East Hartford High School is not measuring success by wins and losses. It's about getting a chance to get out there on the tennis court.

A significant crack in the surface of the tennis courts at the high school has meant that the court does not meet regulations that would enable teams from other schools to play there, which means all EHHS tennis games are away games this season.

“There is a concern from a liability standpoint – that someone could trip on the crack in the court,” said coach Thaddeus Scott, who is coaching the varsity and junior varsity boys’ tennis teams this year. “It was supposed to be fixed in April during vacation, but it did not get done.” In addition, the team juggles time on the court with the girls' tennis team.

As a result, Scott said, “This season has been challenging, to say the least. It means that all are games are away games, and we have to try to get practice time on our opponents' courts.”

On a recent afternoon, the team was practicing on the remaining courts. It’s likely to be their last chance to practice at home, since there are upcoming meets almost every day for the rest of the season.

Many of the players on this year's varsity team are new on the team, since eight members of the 10-member team last year were graduating seniors.

The players seem to be taking all the difficulties in stride, including recent rain showers that have canceled games. “We find ways to work around the crack,” said Shyam Patel, a senior captain. “The drawback is that parents can't see us play because we are away, and most teams in our division are about 30 to 40 miles away.”

Kyle Rodriguez, a senior captain, has been on the team for four years. “I think guys on this team are good as upcoming freshmen and sophomores. In a year, I see this team being just as strong as we were before,” he said.

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