Girls' varsity soccer: 'We're not going to be number two'

By Christian Mysliwiec - Staff Writer
South Windsor - posted Wed., Sep. 5, 2012
Forwards Christine Allard (left) and Becca Karlins. Allard was last year's high scorer, and Karlins was the second highest. Photos by Christian Mysliwiec.
Forwards Christine Allard (left) and Becca Karlins. Allard was last year's high scorer, and Karlins was the second highest. Photos by Christian Mysliwiec.

This is head coach Ed Duclos' second year coaching the South Windsor High School girls' varsity soccer team, and he is coming off an excellent first year. “We were 11-0-4 in the regular season,” Duclos said. “We were ranked number two in the state for much of the season and heated number two in the Class LL tournament, got a ‘bye’ into the second round, and unfortunately got beat one-nothing by Trumbull.”
He plans to continue last year's effort this year. However, with so many talented seniors graduating last year, the goal will not be without its challenges, but he has faith in the current group of upperclassman to step up. “It seems like we have a group of players that can step in and contribute right off the bat,” said Duclos.

He pointed out Christine Allard, a senior forward who was the leading scorer last year, as being one of those players. “We have a lot of work filling in spots left by seniors, but I think we're doing very well,” said Allard.

Joining Allard is the second leading scorer from last year, junior Becca Karlins. “We're definitely good and working very hard to do better than last year,” said Karlins.

“[Allard and Karlins] are a good one-two punch,” said Duclos. “Plus we're adding some key players from the JV squad. Our offense is going to be very strong.”

On the defensive side, three defenders stand out in particular: Tori Russo, Lauren Dansereau and Auna Harvey.

“We're not too young, we're not too old. It's a good group of girls,” said Russo. “Everyone works very hard. We've already improved significantly.”

“We've all been putting a lot into the off season, and I think it will show come game time,” said Harvey.

“We're working on new formations,” said Dansereau. “Were working on defending as a team and attacking as a team.”

Duclos also pointed out three strong mid-fielders: Dani Karpiej, Colleen Bouquot and Kat Comeau.

“Our goal is to be a more passive team, especially midfield,” said Bouquot.

“We're trying to accomplish a lot this year,” said Karpiej. “With a lot of hard work, I think we can achieve those goals.”
“I think this is the best we've ever looked,” said Comeau.

Duclos believes that this core of veterans from last year, combined with a group of athletes coming on from the JV team, will lead a successful season this year. As for the girls, they are determined to surpass last year's success.

“Our motto this year is, 'We're not going to be number two,' because we were number two all of last year,” said Allard. “Our goal this year is to not take second and to step up and be the team we know we can be.”

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