EHHS girls’ swim team is one of the largest in years

By Frances Taylor - ReminderNews
East Hartford - posted Wed., Sep. 26, 2012
The EHHS team has 38 girls this season - one of the biggest teams in years. Photos by Frances Taylor.
The EHHS team has 38 girls this season - one of the biggest teams in years. Photos by Frances Taylor.

According to coach Jill Piedscalzo, this season’s East Hartford High School girls’ varsity swim team is one of the largest in recent years. “We have 38 girls on the team this year,” said Piedscalzo, who is in her second year of coaching the girls’ swim team. “About 26 are freshman and sophomores – and we have a strong upper-class group.” The assistant coach is David Booth.

Piedscalzo said she was not sure why so many turned out for the team this year, but credits the team members with being good ambassadors for their sport. “I think the word has been getting around about the team, and also they are very close-knit group. Their support for each other is awesome,” she said.

The team ended its season last year with two swimmers in individual events going to the state finals. “That was big for us; they did very well,” the coach said. The goal this year is to again make the state finals in both individual and relay team events.

Hannah Oney is a senior captain of the team. “Hannah is a good all-around member of the team – she's versatile, which means we can use her different events, which is also true for a number of people on the team,” Piedscalzo said.

Oney, who is in her fourth year on the team, said she has been swimming since the age of 7. Her events include the 100-meter breast stroke and the 100-meter freestyle. The team practices six days a week. “Everything you do affects can affect this sport: what you eat, how much rest you get. You really need to keep a balance and stay on top of things like your school work,” she said.

“We practice hard and we work hard together – we have a pasta dinner together the day before a meet,” Oney said.

The Hornet’s toughest rival schools – Manchester and Newington – are still to come later in the season. For a full schedule, visit



The history of "what happened at the pool" will repeat itself if an admission of accountability is not forthcoming - in my opinion. When the truth is buried it will surface again naturally. There needs to be surveillance camera's at the pool, in the foyer and the pool. The tragedies that have occurred at this pool historically and over many years cannot be swept under the rug with good PR - in my opinion.

Team size

In 2006 there were approx. 40 swimmer/divers on this team. Within two weeks of the last coach starting the job approximately 1/2 the team quit including all the divers. It has taken the team this long to recover from that Coach maybe word got around that there is a new Coach, maybe even a great Coach? I only hope what happened to our swimmers/divers in 2006-2008 never happens again. Always remember!

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